POETRY WORKSHOP REPORT: The Poetry 101 workshop/reading yesterday at the Fayette County Public Library was fun. We had about 10 or 15 people in attendance, including old friends like Stella Mitchell, Rose Hall and Janet Goodman. It was good to see Christeen again, too. Everyone was attentive and taking notes. It was a pleasure to read poems and talk about some of my favorite poets. There was a Q&A afterwards and a reception. Thank you, everyone, who came out yesterday.

After the workshop, I went by Kodac Harrison's house in Decatur for his birthday open house. Happy Birthday, Kodac!

Many of you may have heard that the Atlanta Journal and Constitution has dumped its book and literary pages and that editor Teresa Weaver is leaving. I talked to Ellen Lindquist at Kodac's party yesterday and she's one of the organizers of a protest planned for in front of AJC headquarters on Marietta Street downtown on Thursday, May 3, at 10 a.m. Newspapers all over the country are having to rethink the bottom line and, sadly, book reviews and coverage don't drum up advertising, the main support for print media. That's why I keep telling everyone that the Internet and blogs are important to the future of literature. We need to have a sea change in the mindset of many people to find the information and resources they need online, where the audience is potentially millions instead of thousands. If you'd like to sign a petition protesting the AJC move, go here.

Thanks to everyone who has voted in the Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. Amy King rounded up a juggernaut of last minute votes, so it looks like she gets the crown unless some miracle occurs today. Amy is a great poet and does a brilliant job at MiPo, so she will serve the blogosphere well.


Robert said…
It was the billboard. You shoulda had a billboard, Collin.

Seriously, good on you for being a sport.
Anonymous said…
WTF? Where did all those last mintue votes for her come from? She must have been offering cash. lol

amy said…
Nah, no cash -- she's a politician lurking in a poet's skin!

Seriously, yes, it was a good race, and you were a formidable blogger candidate! As I noted back to your comment on my blog, it was fun getting to "meet" other blogging poets of note and be in such kick ass company!
We shined some light on a few
Sorry you came in at two
Better luck next year
Your win, it was near
We all did the best we could do

Maybe we can start a movement to get Amy to knight you or something. It was great, I'm glad you were nominated.
jenni said…
What a close race. Congrats on your nom and for doing so well. I thought all of the noms were worthy of the title. And congrats to Amy too.
Rupert said…
Damn, now I have to start licking up to Amy, stat!
Collin? Collin who?
Amy, have i ever told you how much I admire your line breaks?
just call me the Cardinal Richelieu of the bloggin' poets, lol
Amy - I was actually working behind the scenes to get you those late votes!
Collin said…
You're gonna get thumped on the head, Rupert. :)

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