REDLANDS UPDATE: It's 11:30 p.m. here on the Left Coast (which means 2:30 at home) and we just got in from the Poetry at the Loft reading. A fantastic evening. Attentive audience, great hosts (Sholeh and Catherine) and sharing the bill with Iranian poet Sheema Kalbasi. I sold all the copies of Slow To Burn I brought with me. The reading was filmed and I hope to be able to post it here or at least give the link. I read a mix of work from Slow To Burn and new poems from Wake. Speaking of Wake, I handed the manuscript off to a poet friend who's giving it the once over before I left for Cali. She's already sent some notes back. I'm very encouraged, but the sequence still isn't right. I plan to dive back in when I get home.

I'm about to head off for bed. Tomorrow I'm headed back to LA to meet up with Elizabeth for lunch at the Academy of Motion Pictures and then Cecilia and I are going to a reading by a new poet at University of Southern California. Her name escapes me, but I'll have a report on Friday.

Before I sign off, I just saw online that Haley finally got the boot on American Idol. Hooray!!!


Anonymous said…
Hi Colli--Lisa Allender here, sayin' You go, man!
I can't wait to hear all about Cecilia, and the Reading you all are attending!

The students you mentioned in your earlier Blog sound as though they were very appreciative;I'm so glad you are getting the feedback, and much-deserved recognition!
Say hi to Cecilia for me.
See ya soon...

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