POETRY, PEAKS & IDOL: Let's get American Idol out of the way first. Phil "Nosferatu" Stacey, not surprisingly, checked out first in a very unnecessary one hour results show. Even Miss Gaycrest was mocking the "filler" viewers would have to endure. After Lakisha was saved, it was obvious that Chris "Mr. Nasal" Richardson was next. Maybe he can find work at Six Flags or Madame Tussauds playing a Justin Timberlake look-a-like. Two down, four to go. Let's wrap this bitch up.

I am in Twin Peaks heaven. The second season of David Lynch's brilliant tv series on DVD arrived from Amazon yesterday and I've already watched six of the 29 episodes. It's still as creepy as I remembered and I'm actually appreciating the second season much more than I did when it originally aired in the early 1990s. Compared to Lost (which I gave up on weeks ago), Twin Peaks teased and was maddeningly opaque, but at least the plot advanced each week and Lynch did reveal Laura Palmer's killer in the first episode of the second season, but it took seven or eight more for the real twist. The season ended with Kyle McLachlan's Agent Cooper trapped in the Black Lodge in an episode so freakish and bizarre that Lost hasn't come close to touching. Since ABC pulled the plug, Cooper remains there to this day. Sad.

There's a very busy poetry weekend ahead. Stephen Bluestone and Mike Dockins will be featuring at my Poetry at Portfolio Center reading on Friday night and on Saturday, I'll be doing a workshop on blogging, MySpace, websites, etc. at the Georgia Writers Association Festival of Workshops. The festival is a day-long event and has an impressive list of writers sharing their tricks of the trade. I'll also be sitting on the self-publishing panel to talk about my experiences with Better To Travel. That first book has sold over 1,000 copies, which may not seem like a lot, but for a debut book of poetry, I think it's pretty damn impressive. On Sunday night, I'll be at Java Monkey Speaks to read a new piece and to watch Tom Lux and Travis Denton feature.

I think I'd better go to sleep now.


Anonymous said…
By "wrapping the bitch up" are you stating that you have finished posting for the evening or that the contest has now been determined? I think that the final four is as expected. I think Melinda is great but am unsure of her commercial potential, Jordin is a little young and at times inexperienced, Blake is an unknown but one who is prepared to take chances (although I don't think I could stand a whole album of the so-called beat-box, and LaKisha is a "belter" and absolutely saved herself with last night's performance. If Jordin sings badly next week she will go first. If not, LaKisha will leave and Blake and Melinda will battle it out in a thrilling finale. I wonder if it will happen that way?
Martin of NJ
Collin said…
By "wrapping this bitch up" I mean I'm getting a bit bored with the show and I'm ready for the finale. It's gonna be Jordin and Melinda in the final two...that's my prediction. :)
michi said…
ahhhh yes, good old twin peaks! they started a rerun here about 18 months ago, but stopped halfway through season one. maybe nobody watched it, except me. :( not enough weird people in this country. :)

Anonymous said…
For once the voters got it right. Chris and Phil needed to go and they are gone. Roll on the finale!

Sounds like you're involved in some great poetry stuff.

Are you more bored this season than last? I'm a bit bored, but I don't think it has to do with the contestants who I think are stronger than last year (I mean TAYLOR HICKS vs. MELINDA DOOLITTLE?! And Blake is much more interesting than a lot of people we've seen). I'm bored because I think the format of the show is wearing thin. I just like to hear people sing. I'd rather watch a show that involves no judging.
jenni said…
Phil finally got the boot? Thank gawd. Chris needed to go too. So there's 4 left -- kiki, doo doo, sparky, and beat it boy. I dunno. I haven't watched ina few weeks, but I can imagine beat it boy making it to the final 2. doo doo will probably take the crown though.

great poetic happenings for you too. excellent numbers on a first book. i read someplace that most first poetry books don't even sell 300 copies. selling over 500 is A LOT. so good for you.
I've never seen an episode of TWIN PEAKS-- I'll have to netflix it.

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