FIRST BOOK INTERVIEW: The interview I did with Kate Greenstreet about the publication of Better To Travel is now posted on her Every Other Day blog along with two poems from the book. Many thanks to Kate for asking me to participate in this ongoing series. I haven't talked about BTT in ages, so it was interesting to revisit that period.

A press in the UK is reading the first four chapters of my novel, Conquering Venus. I decided since I was sending out the poetry collection and chapbook, might as well get the novel back out there, too. I've got fingers crossed.

Auditions for the next season of American Idol are being held in Atlanta this week. Throngs of people crowded around the Georgia Dome hoping for a slot. On the local news, I spotted a number of crazy freaks who will most certainly be on the audition episodes. One woman actually was in labor with a child while she was singing, then rushed to the hospital just in time for the delivery. What did she name the kid: Idol. Oh, yeah...I'm definitely going to be Idol blogging again in January. I'm rested and ready to rumble. Roll on 2008!


Enjoyed Greenstreet's interview. That's such a great series that she has going at her blog.
Anonymous said…
Great interview. You really will just say anything won't you?

Kate rocks. I am going to go read it now. Cracking up about Idol...I might just watch the whole thing this season. You pep up this droll series, for sure!
Peter said…
Nice interview, Collin.
Mmm, thank you. That interview was a very good read, and I liked the poems too.

Are any copies of Better to Travel still available?

Good luck with the novel! I greatly admire novelists - being very bad at writing them, myself.
Okay - I read the interview and I just want to tell you how much I admire you for creating the kind of poet's life you wanted. It takes hard work, guts and good craft and you did it! You are an inspiration and I am so excited we are contemporaries!
Collin said…
Thanks, everyone. :)

Rosemary, yes I have some copies of BTT and it's also available at Amazon.

PWADJ, very kind of you to say. Me, too. :)

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