Weekend Music: Don't Look Any Further - Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett

The video is craptastic by Dennis and Siedah work this shit out. I've loved this song for years. I'm dedicating it to Blue, because I know she'll get a kick out of it.


Arlene said…
love this song, collin! i'll have to check them out. thanks for sharing.

and yikes, popcorn lung. i'm grateful we never decided to get a microwave at home. i'm a popcorn addict.

Collin said…
I also love the cover that M People did in the 90s, but Dennis and Siedah can't be beat.

No microwave? I'd starve. lol
BLUE said…
[blue kicks herself for digging this and double kicks for Dennis for all that mouth-twisting pimpdom. hubbab-bubba, the mouth scares me, precious. looks like he's going to tear a chicken bone apart for breakfast. if we witnessed it, we'd all be vegetarians for life!!! Siedah looks like an emaciated burlesque imitation of Dorothy Dandridge's "Carmen" cute neck-jerks, though.]


loved this. the things we 80s babies used to get high on, huh?



p.s. feeling a little better and crawling slowly out of darkness.

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