WEEKEND UPDATE: I went to the release party for Kodac Harrison's new music/spoken word album at Eddie's Attic in Decatur on Friday night. It was a tremendous show with a lot of special guests like Kristin Markiton and a full-on New Orleans jam at the end of the night. I was right up front at tables with Karen Head, Thomas Lux, Travis Denton, Katie Chapel and Rupert Fike. A really great evening! The new cd is called Dreams and Nightmares, and I recommend going over to Kodac's MySpace to take a listen.

Yesterday, I went down and met my parents for dinner. My birthday is tomorrow and since I'm going to see Bjork at The Fox Theatre with BFF Malory, last night was family night. Can't wait to see Bjork! We have row K seats in the orchestra, so should be pretty damn amazing. I'll have a full review on Tuesday.

Watched the DVD of David Lynch's Inland Empire, which was just as good -- and made more sense, sorta -- the second time around. What's incredible about the DVD is disk 2, which has a segment called "More Things That Happened." This is basically a second film, clocking in at more than hour and culling together large chunks of Laura Dern's amazing monologue, a lengthy sequence of the hookers trying to score drugs and pick up tricks at Hollywood and Vine (accompanied by the full version of the song "Ghost of Love") and a long monologue by Natassja Kinski, who gets reduced to a cameo in the final cut. Definitely worth the purchase!

Spent the rest of the weekend lazing about doing nothing. Got Wake out to another contest and also received a rejection from Four Way Books. Ah, well...their loss. Ideas for new poems are buzzing about my brain, but they aren't quite ready for paper yet. Any second now.


Radish King said…
Happy one day ahead birthday!
Tomorrow is going to be perfect.
Lord, I'd love to see Bjork.
Brent Goodman said…
Happy Birthday! I'm naked inside a cake for you.
Anne said…
Happy birthday! Celebrate and enjoy and all that good stuff. And watch out for large, suspicious cakes.

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