THE BIG SWITCH: Work on transferring my .com to the blog is now in full swing. I have created a second blog that will link from the sidebar featuring my full bio, a list of past readings/appearances and all the press/reviews from the books and cd. You can check out this new blog at That blog will remain fairly static, but updated as needed. I have also created a Flickr site for all my photos. Some of you might have noticed the "badge" in the sidebar below (it's also at the new blog), which shows a cool slideshow of pictures at the site. Click here to visit my Flickr site.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I went down to my parents' house and we had a nice lunch with my grandmother. My dad's dressing is still the best on earth. It was a very quiet, lazy day. I came home and watched the amazing film Away From Her with Julie Christie as a woman succumbing to Alzheimer's disease. She definitely deserves an Oscar nomination.

I also heard Kate Bush's song Lyra from the film The Golden Compass. BBC Radio 6 premiered it on Thursday. Her voice is so beautiful and clear. The song is not quite what I expected, but I do love it. KB Forum member Menro recorded the song from the radio and laid it over the trailer. It's cut off at the beginning an end, but you'll get the flavor of it.


Dustin said…
Like the new blogspot page!
I don't know if I can handle AWAY FROM HER because of my mother's diagnosis...what do you think?
Collin said…
I'm not sure, Kate. It's pretty devastating to watch, but there is an incredible amount of love and grace in the film, too.
Interesting - Andrew and I have just moved in the opposite direction: after having blogs on Blogger and MySpace for some time, we're getting a website up too. For us it's a more convenient place to sell books and advertise our other services. (Shameless self-promotion: Life Magic. )

Not that we're dicing the blogs, where we get to sound off about all sorts of things; they just seem to perform a different function, is all.

That being said, your new "fairly static" blog is great, and arranged in a way that's not only user friendly but also, I can see, blogger-friendly.

Maybe you'll set a trend!

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