THE BUSINESS OF WORDS ON HIATUS: My poetry podcast, The Business of Words, is going on hiatus for a bit since Leisure Talk Radio is going silent. Owners/founders Jana Oliver and husband Harold Buehl started LTR five years ago as a streaming radio station, offering up an eclectic mix of shows about books, history, sci-fi and more. Once podcasting became the rage, the station switched over to that format. But now, both Jana and Harold are busy with other projects, especially Jana, who is working on a new fantasy novel and traveling around the world to promote the bestsellers she pens under the name J.G. Oliver. That means Leisure Talk is shutting down, although the archived shows will still be available to download. The archive link will soon be available on the About Collin Kelley page. 

When Jana approached me about doing The Business of Words, I was curious, but didn't know if I could pull it off. I did about 60 half hour shows for Leisure Talk, interviewing poets both well known  and emerging. At first, I was interviewing two or three a month for the streaming show, but once we went to podcasting, I would record three or four at a time and they were released on a monthly basis. It was really fun. Some of my guests included Cecilia Woloch, Maureen Seaton, Reb Livingston, Brendan Constantine, Mike Dockins, Jackie Sheeler, Cherryl Floyd-Miller, Sholeh Wolpe, Tania Rochelle, Sarah Maclay, Alice Lovelace, Rupert Fike (still one of the most listened to and downloaded shows), Robert Earl Price and many, many more. 

However, The Business of Words is not dead. Since my trusty new Macbook has built in podcasting capabilities, I plan to bring the show back and you will be able to listen to it right here at the Modern Confessional. The first show will be with the fabulous English poet Agnes Meadows and will probably go live in April, just in time for National Poetry Month. I don't know if I'll go back to the monthly schedule or not. It really depends on what's happening with After the Poison (and, hopefully, Wake). It's going to be a busy year, so we'll see how it goes. 

Thanks again to Jana and Harold, all the guests and the listeners from around the world - Germany, Poland, the UK and even in Japan. 


Lisa Allender said…
ooooh "Business of Words".Love it.
Can't wait for your "new" version of this...
Jana Oliver said…
You are a great host, Collin. You made our job easy. Best wishes with your newest book and the revival of Business of Words via your trusty Mac.

Jana & Harold
Name: Kevin said…
Hi Colin,
If you ever have a problem with your macbook, you have a friend at the Apple Store in the mall of georgia. I'm usually there :)
Collin said…
Thanks, Lisa and Jana.

Kevin..That is so cool. I'll definitely find you!

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