MONDAY NOTES AND NOTIONS: I finally broke down and joined Facebook a week or so ago. I already have 70 plus friends. Facebook is cool, but it's labor intensive. There's always notices, messages and people who have added applications that want you to add them, too. Some of the apps are cool -- creating a mosaic of your favorite music, a map showing where you've travelled in the world, a furry pet you must feed and pet -- and others are just silly. I got rid of my .com to try and lighten the online load, but Facebook seems to have filled in the gap. This blog is still my favorite. You can't see my full Facebook profile without signing up, but here's the link. Hey, it's free, and you can interact as much or little as you like. I'm not sick of it. Yet.

I finished the Poetry Atlanta grant last night and put it in the mail this morning. Hallelujah! A giant weight off my shoulders. The organization better give us every dime we asked for after the amount of work that went into this grant. Many thanks to Megan Volpert and Dan Veach for their help with proofing the narrative and going over the budget figures. We're also in the home stretch with the Poetry Atlanta DVD. We hope to release it in March. More on that soon.

Wake did not win the Barrow Street Press competition. The winner is Ely Shipley for his manuscript Boy With Flowers. Ah, well...

I've written rough drafts of two new poems in the first 14 days of 2008. One is about my washing machine/dryer breakdown and the other about the new year's eve party. I'm happy just to have words down on the page to work with. 

American Idol begins tomorrow night. I'll be blogging about the first episode immediately afterwards. Look, there's nothing else on TV right now, so start watching the show everyone loves to hate and read the results, rants and raves right here. It's going to be fun.


Anonymous said…
Your posts were funny as hell last season. Cant wait for tonight.

Brent Goodman said…
I like that one of the FB interaction choices is "Poke Him."
Collin said…
^You would. ;-)

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