STATE OF THE MORON: Just about half an hour in to Dubya's state of the dis-union address (his last -- hallelujah!) he started up on the "freedom on the march," "advancing freedom,"  "Al-Qaeda is on the run in Iraq," "September 11" platitudes. More than 50 percent of the speech was taken up by him reminding how the terrorists are coming to get us. He's a one track mind, fear-mongering moron. He gave about five minutes to the American economy being in the toilet and, of course, downplayed the issue. There was about 30 seconds of lip service to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast still struggling to recover from Katrina and how America despises the genocide in Darfur, but we're not gonna lift a finger to help. Most of his speech was hollow words to try and bolster the GOP as it struggles to find a candidate to replace him. Dubya's shit-eating "looky, looky, I'm still up here givin' speeches" routine is so old, I wanted Nancy Pelosi to thump him on the back of the head. Obama handed Hillary her ass in the South Carolina primary over the weekend, but I'll say it once again -- you gotta (D) next to your name on Nov. 4 and you get my vote. 


DeadMule said…
My sentiments exactly. And I "stole" Mr. Balloon-Head. LOL
Yes, D gets my vote.
um, is it me or did he sound extra lispy and mumbly tonight? And what happened to Nancy Pelosi's original face?
Justin Evans said…
No Child Left Behind

No Terrorist Left Behind

No Tax Rebate Left Behind

No Smug Conceit Left Behind
Anonymous said…
When he started on the terrorists and Iraq I changed the channel and watched HSN.

Anonymous said…
he sounded a bit drunk-lispy to me.

blah blah empower blah blah empower

from this day forward, less than 1 year in office left
realitywrites said…
I saw my favorite bumper sticker the other day:

Not Soon Enough
Lisa Allender said…
I did actually watch this speech by this poor-excuse-for-a-President(and man), but I wish I had not. It's sooo depressing.
Thank you for the funny pic, Coll.At least I was able to smile at something!
Collin said…
I love how he Dubya threatened to veto stuff at the beginning of the speech. Undoing all the harm he's caused will take the new president the entire four years.
Anne said…
I didn't watch. I'm close enough to having ulcers as it is.

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