Ellen Talks About Lawrence King

On her show today, Ellen DeGeneres brought attention to the murder of 15-year-old Lawrence King in Oxnard, Ca. earlier this month. Watch and listen.


I met her in 2000; she has always been an idol to me. Glad she addressed this.
Anonymous said…
Im glad she spoke out. I don't think i've ever heard speak so directly about being gay herself on the talk show.

I just put this on my blog, too. I'm so glad Ellen's using her platform for more than just celebrity happiness or whatever. I wish she hadn't kept apologizing for herself, saying she wasn't being "political" and that soon they'd get back to a "great, funny show."

Still, I do admire her very much. To be so out and so mainstream--everything makes a difference.
Pris said…
I'm so glad she talked about this. What a horrible horrible killing. Thanks for pulling up the video.
DeadMule said…
Hi Collin, The more people (gay and straight) who speak out about this the better. So . . . my turn. I'll post about it next week. Helen

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