We Don't Stop Here

The Private Press will soon publish its next David Lynch-inspired chapbook anthology, We Don't Stop Here, edited by the de-lovely and de-licious Ivy Alvarez.  The poems are inspired by Lynch's brilliant film, Mulholland Drive. Poets featured in the anthology are Emilie Zoey Baker, Juliet Cook, Karen Head, Esther Johnson, Daniel Lloyd and yours truly. As a tease, you can now hear me reading my poem, "Go Somewhere With Me," at The Private Press site and see bios of all the poets. I was inspired by Naomi Watts' dual character, Betty/Diane, so I wrote a persona poem in her voice, pledging her love once again for the mysterious Rita, played by Laura Elena Harring. 


Radish King said…
love your voice
every little star
Anonymous said…
Great poem and reading. I love how your voice changes and drops when you say "tell me what this opens."

Pris said…
I'm off to hear you read next, but just looked at the link. You're into EVERYTHING, Collin. This looks so good.

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