Doctor Who Series Four Trailer

Once again, totally geeking out over the new trailer for the fourth series of Doctor Who that was shown tonight on the BBC in the UK. The new series will air in America this spring on the Sci-Fi Channel.


bookfraud said…
well, that only crashed my computer twice.

but when i got it to work, very cool. though the giant insect was nasty. i guess we're never going to see the scarf again.

why don't you post videos of ncaa basketball highlights?
Collin said…
BF, if those guys wore tighter shorts I would. :)

Why does YouTube crash your computer? That's just weird.
RJGibson said…
I'm so ready for Season 4.

Though--if the spoilers I've seen are right, I might not be too happy.

But I'll deal.
wondermachine said…
Was that three companions I saw in that clip? They're all appearing in Season Four?!? Wildness!!

I can't say I was a big fan of the Bride in that one episode. Hopefully she'll grow on me.
And the bug things...weren't those the clone army of the Satan character from Season 2?

Happily ultrageeking...
wondermachine said…
Oh and NCAA?
I didn't think North Carolinian alcoholics wore uniforms?

Guess we'll have to pray to the higher power that they start wearing tighter shorts.
Collin said…
Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) will be the Doctor's full-time companion in Series 4. Martha Jones, who has now become a full medical doctor and has joined UNIT, will return half way through the series and Rose Tyler returns from an alternate dimension in the last three episodes, as does Sarah Jane Smith, K-9 and Captain Jack Harkness. That is going to be one full Tardis. To quote Postcards from the Edge: "One more person in here and we'll need a lubricant."

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