MANUSCRIPT REDUX: I didn't win the Nightboat Books Poetry Prize. That honor went to Lytton Smith from New York City for a manuscript called The All-Purpose Magical Tent. The poems must be excellent because the title leaves me cold. The wonderful Terrance Hayes was the judge, so I trust him. After I received the notice, I also pulled the manuscript formerly known as Wake from a small press that had been sitting on it since early fall. That means it's only out at one contest now, and my chances of winning are slim and slimmer. Notice I didn't say none, because after the surprise of After the Poison, I'll never say none again. 

I wound up pulling five poems and putting four new-ish ones in. It was another case of killing some of my darlings to create a more lean and mean manuscript. The title is another story. I'm stuck between two that are fairly similar. I hope to have it ironed out by the weekend so I can make a few more submissions. 

I'll be blogging American Idol later tonight. The Top 12 are performing songs by The Beatles. Triumph or train wreck? I'm guessing the latter.


M. RuPere said…
I'm guessing we'll be hearing "Something" and "Back in the USSR" - but if somebody really wants to score, they should do a slowed down, "Things we said today"
Anonymous said…
the brilliance of paula: "These songs are full of melody."

Most songs are, paula, most songs are. Here's another pill.
wondermachine said…
Well, this prize may not be yours but you can focus your attentions on the James White Prize, eh?

Yep, it's officially official now.
Oh, and I've awoken from my Blog nap. ;-)
Pris said…
Good luck, Collin! Oh, I don't watch American Idol, though I've see a few youtubes of it. Your blog makes me want to...almost...though:-)

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