After the Poison Advance Sales Begin!

Finishing Line Press has moved up the date to begin advance sales for my chapbook, After the Poison. You can pre-order a copy right now at the Finishing Line website at this link. Books are listed alphabetically by last name, so scroll down until you find mine. Then, just click on the button to pay by credit or debit card. During advance sales, you will pay no shipping charges, so the chapbook is a flat $12.

The final cover image is being sorted right now, but what you see above is pretty close. Imagine the title written across the palm of the hand. The press will post up the final cover in a few weeks, and it will be here, too. For all those who submitted their mailing address for a postcard reminder about the pre-sales, expect it in your mail at the end of April or early May.

Finishing Line bases the initial press run on the number of copies sold, so I would love to get 50 or more pre-sales before the July 5 ship date, which is when the press will start adding $2 for shipping and handling. The chapbook will be available at (for those who aren't boycotting it) in late summer or early fall.

For a little more incentive, here are the blurbs that will appear on the back cover:

In After the Poison, Collin Kelley faces war, genocide, rape, human trafficking, terrorism—every imaginable form of human-caused and human-condoned tragedy that plagues our planet—with an unflinching gaze and asks us to do the same. In today’s political climate, where monsters in the White House and out on the campaign trail run rabid, abandoning compassion and understanding for self-righteousness and blind hatred, this slim collection is a must-read. In fact, I dare you to read it. I double dare you.

—Jim Elledge, A History of My Tattoo

After the Poison is CNN on truth serum. Collin Kelley writes the brutal truth, harnessing poetry to reveal us to ourselves.

–Kate Evans, author of Like All We Love and Negotiating the Self

Collin Kelley skewers the contemporary political landscape with unbearably precise and elegant language. Edgy, immediate, and brilliant…this is the kind of poetry that makes you want to run into the streets with a machine gun.

–Jackie Sheeler, The Memory Factory and Off the Cuffs

Please consider pre-ordering a copy today and pass the word onto other poets!


Karen J. Weyant said…
Done! :)
ButtonHole said…
Did! :0
Peter said…
Looking forward to reading it.
Lisa Allender said…
I am headed over to order--three copies, Coll!
RJGibson said…
And done! I do love that photo. The bottle is irresistible.
Justin Evans said…
Done and done.
I ordered two and will be giving one to my sister who I'm sure will dig it.
and I wrote a blog entry about your collection, complete with an image of the Texas poison-control network, get it?
Anne said…
Just ordered mine! :) And I also noticed that my freshman creative-writing teacher from way back in the dark ages (who was an MFA student at the time) has one up for pre-order, so I ordered hers too. Who knows if I'll like hers, but I know I'll like yours!
Collin said…
Thank you so much, guys. It means so much that you've ordered already. Anne, I saw your name in the coming soon list, too! Can't wait to order yours!

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