Drifting Through The Weekend

Since I was sick, I decided this past weekend I was going to do absolutely nothing but read, watch movies and TV and basically not leave the apartment. Mission accomplished. I got caught up on the fourth series of Doctor Who thanks to the enterprising folks who upload the episodes immediately to YouTube and other sites. The fourth series is airing now on the Sci-Fi Channel, but America is now three episodes behind. I'm impatient, so I can't wait to see what's happening with the Doctor. 

I also finally got around to watching Grindhouse, the double feature from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Death Proof, QT's contribution, was the stand out of the two films, with his usual blend of 70s nostalgia, tough-talking chicks and plenty of blood, violence and profanity. Kurt Russell plays a crazed stuntman who kills women in his souped up sports car that he has made "death proof," reinforcing the driver's side of the car so he survives but his passenger(s) are killed in high-speed crashes. Tracie Thoms, Rosario Dawson and Zoe Bell turn the tables on him and the car-chase is one of the most thrilling I've ever seen. I must admit I was yelling at the TV. Sorry, neighbors. 

In the mail this weekend was Justin Evans' hilarious chapbook, Dear Mr. Rove, a series of letters he sent to Dubya's Machiavellian advisor. And while the letters are humorous because of Justin's cutting sarcasm, there is sad truth as well. I love how Justin asks Rove if he can legally call him a Douchebag without the Secret Service showing up at his door. Of course, Justin never got a response from Rove, but these letters are excellent reading for the political season to get a recap on what's been happening since Dubya was re-elected. Good stuff, Justin! You can order your own copy from Lulu for just $8 or you can download the chap as a PDF for only $1.25! You can't even get a mocha frap for that price! Get to ordering, folks, and support Justin. You should also check out his blog

Many thanks to poet and fellow blogger Jenni Russell for accepting two of my poems for the special edition of MiPOesias coming out this summer. The theme is the "world's oldest profession," so more sexy poems inappropriate for the kiddies...and probably some adults. 


I love Mipo! I had 2 poems in there a while back. It just keeps getting better & better.
Anonymous said…
Tracie Thoms who drives the car was also the best thing about the shitty movie version of Rent. I love when they are chasing Stuntman Mike through a pasture and says "We're down here in the cows. Moooo motherfucker!"

Collin, If you can get hold of it I really think you'd enjoy this - writer is Stephen Moffat, award-winning Doctor Who writer. It was on here last year and I loved it.

I hope you're not sick any more.
Liz said…
Hi Collin,

Just to say congrats on your impending publication...will be buying it!

Interesting read here - thanks for info.


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