Flu Bug & MTV

I think the stomach flu bug has finally caught up with me. I left work early today and have been on the couch with a stomach ache and a general feeling of unwellness. Is that a word? Probably not. I'm missing Quincy Troupe and Albert Goldbarth tonight at Poetry At Tech, which sucks because I wanted to hear them. 

The folks at MTV have been reading my American Idol recaps and contacted me yesterday about recapping their show Rock the Cradle, which airs on Thursday nights. This is the show where the kids of famous musicians and singers compete Idol-style for a record deal. I haven't been watching the show (tonight is episode three), but I told them I would watch and see if it was something worth writing about on my blog. I was going to ask if they had actually read my recaps, but they apparently liked my snarky humor. This is proof positive that any publicity is good publicity. I'm not exactly MTV's target demographic, but...hey, this might be fun.

UPDATE: Watched Rock The Cradle. This show is a hot, hot, hot mess. And I do mean fierce, hot, tranny mess. MTV might not want me to recap again after I post my review tomorrow. Feeling a bit better and off to bed.


Karen Head said…
Feel better baby. Maybe I'll watch this Rock the Cradle thing too. Since most of their parents' were probably way into the drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll during conception and development, this could prove very interesting...or sad.
minus five said…
that's pretty cool that they contacted you.

sucks about the flu.
feel better.
Lisa Allender said…
Feel Better Collin. Sorry I missed out the other night at Outwrite--I've been playing "catch-up" at your Blog--I've posted comments at several of your recent entries...And CONGRATS on the MTV-gig. If you decide to do it, I'll be tuning in to see that show!
Collin said…
Thanks, Lisa. Call me soon.
greg rappleye said…

Hope you feel better. I've never seen Albert Goldbarth--would love to--but Quincy Troupe is about the best thing ever live and in-person. And a really great guy to hang out with.

The gig for Rock the Cradle sounds great!
bookfraud said…
i had stomach flu a couple of months ago -- not fun. get better.

but you are getting some deserved attention from our friends at mtv. of course, as lisa mentions above, if you do accept, it's another television show i'm going to have to watch.

i do think mtv reads your ai recaps -- even if the contestants are craptastic, your sense of humor makes people (me, at least) to see all the badness.
Pris said…
Ohhh. I had that stomach flu, too. NOT fun.
And MTV's been reading you? That's something.
I hope you're feeling better, Collin. What's needed at these times is a bit of wall-to-wall Doctor Who.

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