Notes From Last Night's Reading

Top row, l-r, Outwrite owner Philip Rafshoon, Dustin Brookshire, Collin Kelley and Laure-Anne Bosselaar. Bottom row, l-r, Genevieve Lyons, Stacie Boschma and Lisa Allender

The photos above are from the Limp Wrist launch reading at Outwrite Books held in February. Better late than never. Photographer Greg Gimpelevich took some really fantastic photos of us, so hats off to him. Check out his portfolio blog here. There are more photos at Limp Wrist editor Dustin Brookshire's blog. And if you haven't perused the debut issue of Limp Wrist click here and enjoy.

I read again last night at Outwrite to mark National Poetry Month with Franklin Abbott, Robin Kemp and Reginald Jackson. It wasn't one of my better readings. The audience was, for the most part, unresponsive. Robin did an excellent set sprinkled with both national and personal politics, including her great poem "New Breast," which is featured in the anthology Letters From The World. I read work from After the Poison and trotted out "The Sound of Drums," which is the name of the poem I wrote for the Atlanta Pride program. Reginald also did a fantastic set, reading from his Lammy-nominated collection, Hejira, and eventually got the audience to laugh a little. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like a "tough room." I am frazzled from all the projects I've been juggling, plus the day job, so it was probably just me.

Ivy Alvarez posted on The Private Press website that the first print run of the David Lynch/Mulholland Drive-inspired anthology, We Don't Stop Here, is now sold out! A second printing is expected by this summer. Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy!


Dustin said…
Enjoyed the reading! I am looking forward to seeing "the pride poem" in print.
Lisa Allender said…
Me too, Dustin--I didn't get to hear it, but can't wait!
Robin Kemp said…
Hey, I thought it was a pretty decent room. What I saw was lots of attentive quiet. Every time I looked up, I saw serious eye contact. People were listening-- just not whooping and hollering. Sometimes it's hard to take a room's temperature. Are you still game for potluck workshopping? It's gonna be a blast. Reginald is all about it!

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