Rachel Ray's Jihad Scarf, Politics & Nuts

Leave it to the right-wing nutjobs at Fox News to label cooking show host Rachel Ray and Dunkin' Donuts as terrorist sympathizers. The specific nut is Michelle Malkin -- an ignorant, Christian terrorist parading as a journalist and "commentator" -- who had this say about Ray's choice of neckwear in a television ad for DD's coffee drinks: The kaffiyeh, for the clueless, is the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad. Say which? If that's the case, then most of the cast of American Idol, countless college students,The Olsen Twins, David Beckham and untold pop stars are also planning to undermine Israel and the United States. Malkin's clueless ass should be run out of town on a rail and Dunkin' Donuts should be ashamed of itself for caving to this divisive rhetoric and pulling the ad. Sometimes, America scares the shit out of me. 

File this bit under "Too Little, Too Late": Former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan's new memoir, What Happened, says Dubya and Co. lied to Americans while making its case to go to an unnecessary war in Iraq. Duh! He basically calls Dubya an idiot (duh, squared) and said his former boss was more concerned about his legacy as president than making a smart decision. Thanks for that, Scott. Why didn't you come clean in 2006 before you left the White House?

Hillary Clinton and her team have turned up the heat on getting the delegates seated from Florida and Michigan, who were sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee for holding their primaries early. CNN says it will close the delegate gap between Hilly and Obama, but not enough for her to overtake him. 

John McCain has his own controversial pastor to deal with. I'm sure Obama is having a laugh at this. McCain spurned an endorsement from Rev. John Hagee -- the loon who said God sent Hitler to help lead the Jews to Israel, nevermind the six million who died in the process, and called the Catholic Church "the great whore" -- but Democratic turncoat and McCain ally Joe Lieberman is speaking at a conference with the right rev anyway. Ahhhhh...politics.


jeannine said…
Wow - that whole Rachel Ray thing is really funny - except someone actually believes that weird accusation. Talk about crazy.
the media is referring to it as a controversay, however 1 person's opinion about something does not make a controversay.
Anne said…
Wait, now I have to be on Rachael Ray's side about something?

Anonymous said…
Uh oh im a terrorist. I have two in my closet right now. People are insane.

All of these items in your post have this in common:

mix politics and religion and you get insanity.
ANNIE said…
Ps: You can call Dunkin Donuts FREE to complain about their racist, idiotic response to Malkin's racist idiocy:

800 859 5339
ANNIE said…
Sorry, can't help myself, just read this comment about the Dunkin Donuts crap that I had to share:

"I have a picture in a book of this middle eastern dude with a beard and a scarflike headcovering...he must be a terrorist. Oops, its Jesus in my illustrated children's Bible."
Karen Head said…
Wait a minute...I'm wearing a scarf like that today! Am I supposed to be undermining something? Mostly I'm disturbed that I might share a bit of fashion sensibility with the Olsen Twins and David Beckham. Now that I think about, I'm burning this scarf. Yeah, I'm a patriot again. :-)
Anonymous said…
What Malkin fails to realize is that in fact Rachel Ray's choice of accessory was a well-planned insult to the Muslim world. By going around with her head uncovered and wearing a traditional man's garment around her neck, as well as holding a frosty beverage right up to her nipple, she sought to seduce religious Muslim men into polluting their bodies by consuming "food" products from Dunkin' Donuts.

America runs on Dunkin'. How frightening.
Collin said…
Who knew Rachel Ray was such a political lightening rod.
minus five said…
i'm glad you put rachael's name in the title b/c when your page first loaded, i saw her picture and immediately took cover in my bunker thinking she was a suicide bomber. it's easy to confuse the two, you know.
ads. said…
Dunkin' Donuts are gut bombs....yes. Terrorist sympathisers? Uhhhh, no. But if you strap a dozen of those puppies in your gut, it just might EXPLODE!

I saw them trying to do damage control on Scott's book on Today Show, but it really didn't sound like they had anything to fight with. The first word in Dubya, is DUH!
Lisa Allender said…
Yeah, "The View" weighed in on this whole Dunkin' Donuts thing, and as Whoopi Goldberg pointed out, the one who'll be punished, is Rachael Ray--- she will be shunned by advertisers because they are afraid she's "trouble" now.
Good God, what the HELL are people thinking? A few of Rachael's RECIPES can do a terror-number on your tummy, but Rachael Ray a terrorist-sympathizer? Sounds like that right-wing nut job woman who scared Dunkin' Donuts into pulling that ad, has waaaay too much time on her hands. Sigh.
I'm glad Scott McClellan's book is coming out now, just months before the general Presidential election... Perhaps the timing will be a great thing for us Progressives---and a President Obama!
wondermachine said…
Would it be crude to point out that she should've been spanked for wearing that lip gloss? What is she, 13?


But seriously, the whole thing's ridiculous. Not that I expect progressiveness from fried dough purveyors. Remember their whole "Starbucks uses funny foreign sounding words for their drinks" commercial campaign. Ugh. Feh.

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