Doctor Who Series Four Finale

I nearly passed out when I saw the cast photograph for the Doctor Who series four finale, which airs later this summer. It was rumored that the entire Whoniverse (I know, I know...geeking) would band together to battle the return of Davros and the Daleks, but here is proof positive. From left: Sarah Jane Smith, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness and Donna Noble. The three-episode arc begins this Saturday in the UK with the return of Rose in an episode called Turn Left.


RJGibson said…
Anonymous said…
i wouldn't mind a Mickey and Captain Jack sandwich.

I am positively swooning, Collin. But why, oh why do we keep having to see Captain Harkness as a reality TV show judge here? In his other incarnation I hear he's a star of the musical theatre.
jomar said…
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