The Greatest Doctor Who Episode Ever

One of the most amazing trailers ever. Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures collide. And Rose is back!


Collin, I'm still in a state of post-Doctor afterglow. Absolutely brilliant episode, and Rose can come back for ever, far as I'm concerned. And the trailer - oh! End of the universe might almost be worth risking for this.
RJGibson said…
I love the woman with the platoon of judonn (not on the moon) she reminds me of the gelth-possessed dead granny from "Unquiet Dead."

oh...this is going to be soooo fanwanky. and i mean that in the best way.
Cleo said…
Yeah this even tops the Kylie Minogue episode. I always loved the old Dr. Who but after buying some of the tapes and watching them found they really just didn't hold up that well after so many years. God that was a cheesy shoestring budget show. Then I was afraid the really horrible movie version had killed the franchise alltogether. This new series though seems to have done that same thing for Dr. Who that the New Battlestar Gallactica has done for that franchise. It tips its hat to it, but then just launches off on it's own journey and improves on it.

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