Java Monkey Speaks Anthology On Sale Now

Edited by Kodac Harrison & Collin Kelley
Paperback, 72 pages, $12.00 (includes s&h)

Celebrating seven years of the weekly Java Monkey Speaks open mic in Decatur, Georgia, this is the third volume in the multi-award winning anthology series with poets from all over the world who have featured at JMS. This edition's cover is by noted poet and artist Gary Goodman.

Featured poets include: Lynn Alexander, John Amen, Gypsee-Yo (Jonida Beqo), Amena Brown, Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, Chris Chandler, Katie Chaple, Sylvia Cross, Theresa Davis, Travis Denton, Beth Ann Fennelly, Rupert Fike, Anne Fisher-Wirth, Gary Goodman, Lori Guarisco, Beth Gylys, Col. Bruce Hampton, Lady Hardin, Kodac Harrison, Warren Hawk, Karen Head, Courtney Hester, James Iredell, Seaborn Jones, Collin Kelley, Mary Chi-Whi Kim, Shannon Leigh, Alice Lovelace, Thomas Lux, Sarah Maclay, Timothy Mason, Ami Mattison, Ellyn Maybe, Stefen Micko, Ginger Murchison, Bryan Pattillo, Chelsea Rathburn, Ratsack, Cola Rum, Queen Sheba, Jackie Sheeler, Patricia Smith, Tavares Stephens, Sharan Strange, Benjamin Solomon, Alan Sugar, Natasha Trethewey, Mark Turcotte, Megan A. Volopert, Tom Weatherly, Cecilia Woloch and Karen Wurl.

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Congratulations, Collin.
Arlene said…
the book is gorgeous, collin. congrats!

hope you get a new doormat soon. 16 noise complaints sounds like a "911 from hell" series. hee.

keep safe,
M. RuPere said…
i went to Wordsmith's today for a copy and Russ was kicking himself for not having any - anyway they'll probably be calling you soon for an order
Unrelated comment: You think I'll get to meet the Indigo Girls when I come to Atlanta? :)
Maggie May said…
love the flippant title!

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