After The Poison Launch

My chapbook, After the Poison, finally gets its official launch tomorrow at the Decatur Book Festival. I'll be featured on the Local Author Stage at Java Monkey Coffee House at 1 p.m. If you're going to be at the festival, stop by and say hello and pick up a copy of the chapbook, which will be on sale. Thanks to Jilly who pointed out that I was in Southern Voice's write up about gay poets and authors being featured at DBF. You can read the article here. At 4 p.m., I'll be hosting an hour of great poets on the Local's stage, including Mike Dockins, Travis Denton and Katie Chaple.

A couple of other housekeeping notes concerning After the Poison: My reading with Karen Head at Wordsmiths Books on Sept. 27 has been cancelled because, sadly, Karen's fabulous new book, My Paris Year, won't be ready. So, I'll be reading with the equally fabulous Cecilia Woloch on Oct. 11 at 2 p.m. at Wordsmiths. She'll be reading from her chapbook, Narcissus, which won the Tupelo Press Chapbook Contest. Karen will read at Wordsmiths in December, and I'll have more updates on all this soon. I'll also be featuring at Java Monkey Speaks in late September. 

Side note: Sarah Palin? Really? McCain picks a completely unknown woman in a desperate attempt to woo disaffected Hillary voters who is a one term governor from Alaska and under investigation for ethics issues. She's a hardcore conservative, which means anti-gay and pro-life, and proud gun-toter. The argument about Obama's inexperience should be totally off the table now. Joe Biden will mop the floor with her at the debates. 


My best with the launch, Collin.
stacebro said…
Huzzah and happy launching!
Maggie May said…
happy launch to you!
Anonymous said…
Have fun tomorow!

Palin is one scary woman. I dont want her anywhere near the White House.

Pamela said…
Good luck with the launch. I am sure it will be terrific.
Tilt Press said…
Collin, good luck!!
Lisa Allender said…
Hi there...I have been listening to all the speeches, and just now getting caught up with my blogging/blog-reading.
I know quite well what Ms. Palin's about--I did predict McCain would choose a woman, though I thought he'd select Meg whatsherface from e-bay. Whitman, yes?
This Sarah is super-scary in terms of the environment, FOR SURE:
* She loves the idea of drilling in Artic National Wildlife Regure
* She will NOT allow polar bears to keep their(well-deserved) "endangered" status(and they desperately need us to save them!)because she doesn't want any interference with a pipeline for more oil(and it won't actually supply much oil, but it WILL get her & her cronies rich!) from Alaska!
* She would overturn Roe v. Wade if she could, too!
Some governor.
greg rappleye said…
Hope you are kickin' ass right now!

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