After The Poison Update & Other Bits

After the Poison
is now available at for all those who prefer to buy books there. Here's the link. If you've read the chapbook, feel free to leave a comment or mini-review at Amazon. Every little bit helps with publicity and sales.

Although I'm busier than a cat covering up shit, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a print proof of Alice Lovelace's forthcoming chapbook, forever, and offering up some comments and suggestions. She kindly asked me to write a forward for the collection and I was happy to do so. It's an incredible set of poems. I also wrote a blurb for Kate Evans' forthcoming novel, For The May Queen, which is coming out this fall from Vanilla Heart Press. I read the novel sometime ago and really enjoyed it. I'll post links when both books are available.

I stopped by Wordsmiths Books last night and owner Zach told me he was heartened by the response to his "Save Our Bookstore" campaign. He said donations had come in from all over the country. There will be a fundraiser Aug. 15-17 and Poetry Atlanta will host a two hour block on Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. featuring Jon Goode (did you see him on CNN's Black in America?), Beth Gylys, Karen Head, Rupert Fike, Chelsea Rathburn and Kodac Harrison will be performing music and spoken word pieces from his hit show, Reach for the Moon. Come by that afternoon, make a donation, buy some books. Let's save this important indie bookstore!

Here's a contest to consider:

Knockout, a print literary magazine that publishes a 50-50 mix of workby LGBTQ and straight authors, announces its first poetry contest. Judge: James Bertolino. Winner receives $100 gift certificate to Powell's Books (redeemable online) and publication of their winning poem. All poems submitted considered for publication in Knockout. Submissions of up to three poems of any length must be received by August 31, 2008. $5 entry fee per submission. Multiple submissions allowed. Simultaneous submissions allowed (with prompt notification if accepted elsewhere). For complete guidelines and for more information about Knockout, visit


I love how you are such a cheerleader for the whole literary scene. Thanks for the rockin blurb!!
Justin Evans said…

It's reviewed. It'll just take a little bit to show up on Amazon. It's my first Amazon review in years.

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