History Repeating

Condi Rice signed the military defense shield agreement with Poland today, which prompted Russia to threaten military action (one Russian general even suggested a nuclear strike on Poland) and suspend its alliance with NATO. The Russian military is still in the Republic of Georgia and refuses to leave and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it. Once again, America has taken its eye off the larger global ball while Dubya and Co. have been busy invading countries that didn't need invading and nullifying diplomatic leverage with just about every other country. 

I grew up during the last half of the Cold War, when nuclear strikers were a threat and movies like The Day After and Threads hide me hiding under the bed. Since John McCain is an old war-monger, I sure as hell don't want his shaky hands on the big red button when all the years of detente go down the fucking drain. I'll take my chances with Barack "the new guy" Obama.  

While this is happening, Al-Qaeda is building new training bases in Pakistan and the Taliban are regrouping in Afghanistan. And let's not forget that the economy in America is the shitter, and the Democratic controlled Congress is on its month-long break and isn't doing a goddamn thing but collecting my tax dollars. You've got the evangelical Christian terrorist whackjobs in America who only care about controlling women's reproductive rights and pushing the gays and lesbians back into the closet. 

It's another one of those days when I'm not proud of our country. What I want to know is when people are going to get their heads out of their asses and wise up? Are we gonna go four more years of the same old, same old with the Republicans or are we gonna take a chance on the "new guy?" You already know how I'm voting.

I know, I know...I'm ranting. To make up for it, here's some jazzy music by the Propellerheads and Miss Shirley Bassey.


minus five said…
i'll feel better about it all if it means they start playing "Red Dawn" and "Rocky IV" on a regular basis. i say we bring gorbachev out of retirement and ronald out of the grave and let lee harvey oswald rise up and pop off putin.

new guy will not disappoint.
Pris said…
All of that is so damn depressing. Nothing ever seems to change. We thought Vietnam would teach its lessons to the world, but Bush and his buddies weren't paying attention.
DeadMule said…
You tell 'em, Collin! This all makes sense to me. Is all so sad for America. We could be great.
if O picks Tim Kaine he has lost my vote. i will not vote for an anti-gay democrat.
Tilt Press said…
Heh, unfortunately Mont- from what I can tell, tim kaine just might be his VP choice.

I think it's absolutely retarded of Obama to not choose Hilary - despite what I think about those who voted for Hillary in the primaries and who now are saying they will vote for McCain (which is completely beyond belief!) the dems (we) *need* those votes.

I'm becoming more and more terrified of what is going on with Russia, especially after today.
Excellent rant. Thank you.
wondermachine said…
You get the feeling they were missing the Cold War or something? The Kremlin. Again?
Missiles? Threats?
Ugh ugh ugh.
What's next? A Communards reunion?
ButtonHole said…
Great picture.

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