Meet Joe Biden

Obama sent a text message early this morning to his supporters -- I got mine via Twitter -- that he had picked Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden is widely seen as the perfect choice to help counter attacks by the McShame camp that Obama doesn't have enough foreign policy experience. On the otherhand, Biden is also widely known as being impulsively mouthy and saying exactly what he means. That's refreshing and scary. Obama and Biden will make their first joint appearance this afternoon at a rally in Springfield, Illinois. 


Radish King said…
Biden kind of looks like The Fonz in that photo. Not necessarily a bad thing.
Anonymous said…
I dont care who the veep is as long as Obama wins.

he may have won the swing states this way.
Maggie May said…
Biden was my favorite out of the 'unknowns ie not Hilary or Obama' in the beginning of the race.
I think impulsively mouthy when one is smart can be great! I HOPE he doesn't muzzle it!! He's VP, anyway, so no one cares...he'll just add some spark!
DeadMule said…
I wish he'd chosen Hillary Clinton, but Vp doesn't matter that much. Go Obama!!!

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