No Way. No How. No McCain!

Hillary totally blew the roof off the Democratic National Convention tonight. What a speech. We simply cannot have four more years of Republican leadership. Roll on, Obama!


DeadMule said…
Did you see Bill Clinton's face, when she said that? I hope everyone will do as she asked and vote for Obama!!
Collin said…
Me, too!!!
Andru said…
Hillary Clinton is my HERO! I wish her well, and I hope she runs again!
Anonymous said…
Thank you Hillary. Now Hillary supporters PLEASE get behind the party. You don't have to say you're supporting Obama if that makes you feel better but back up your party and PLEASE vote. Don't stay home. If you stay home you have NO room to complain.
im still not buying that she totally supports obama. but im madly in love w/ michelle obama now so of course im voting for O.
Collin said…
It doesn't matter if she truly supports Obama. She is unifying the party and sounding the drum that voting for McCain is not a viable option. Michelle rocked last night!
Sanders80 said…
The Democrats in the begining were the party of slavery. It seems they have not changed much over the years but their agenda is for the government to be the slave owner. We must fight against slavery to a bloated government. This party does not know what freedom is all about, socialism maybe.
Anonymous said…
Hillary Speech was AMAZING! And that Ladies and Gentleman is why she SHOULD have been the Democratic Presidential Nominee! But thanks to the BIASED, DISGUSTING reporters like Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman and the CORRUPT DNC is why she isn’t. ANd I will NEVER EVER EVER vote obama because of them! McCAin will get my vote and I am more determined than ever to make it happen. And I know that both Hillary and McCAin love our Country and have the experience it takes to be PResident…Obama doesn't . And if the DNC and the BIASED, DISGUSTING MSM think that they would have to “suffer” through a republican Presidency…GOOD! Maybe if they have to suffer through 4 more years of a Republican they will learn not to report the UNBIASED & NON-SEXIST reports in the future!
Hillary would have been the BEST PResident, McCAin WILL be a GREAT PResident...Obama will NEVER get my vote!Especially after seeing Hillary speak tonight! Now you all know why she should be the Democratic Nominee!
Anonymous said…

I think that it is so very sad that, after the amazing speech she gave tonight -- after the call to arms -- after taking such time to remind us all that there were people who fought long and hard to stand and vote for change that you are still choosing spite over support. It is this type of attitude that has been driving this lie for so long. Hillary cares about this country and wants it to prosper so much that she made one of the hardest speeches she could ever hope to give tonight. She swallowed her pride and looked toward the greater good for her party and the future of her daughter's daughters.

For someone like you, let's put it this way. She is a passionate woman, and certainly my preference, but voting Republican after SHE fought so long and hard is like slapping her in the face. The idea of voting Republican in honor of a liberal like Hillary -- what sense does this make?
Milton said…
Anonymous above, I'm guessing you and I don't live in the same country as I do. Obviously, yours is built on bitterness, deceit, jealousy, and revenge. As I watched Hillary tonight, I saw a powerful and influential woman that is motivated to get this country out of the rutt is in now, putting country and its citizens first and foremost over any animosity of herself or her supporters. I saw her in a resounding new light that will propel her to, what I believe, being the Secretary of State of the United States of America in President Obama's administration and, eventually, President Clinton in 2016. You should do exactly what your "mentor" Hillary Clinton is doing: taking the high road and putting this country and its best interests (NOT SPECIAL INTERESTS) first. If you were a "TRUE" Hillary supporter, you would do just that.
minus five said…
anonymous--i can see it! that boat you were trying to get on.


it's gone.
you missed the boat.

i hear they're offering a class at the community college down the street called, "how to lose gracefully," you may want to take it.

Or just take your ball and go home and let everyone know you're never going to play with them again.

You are proving nothing, solving nothing and all the while you look like a 12-year old.

I'd love to mail you certificate and some stickers for your chart.
Rachel Mallino said…
Hillary was AMAZING last night - seriously, I cried. And I never cry. Her Tubman quote moved me so very much.

Anyone who supported Hillary in the primaries and now says they will vote for McCain needs a lobotomy. I have never heard of such child's play in my life. To vote for someone based solely on the perceived idea that one *loves* its country more than the other is absurd. ANYONE who was voting for Hillary based on her platform would never vote for McCain. However, if one supported Hillary *simply* because she is a woman, you need your voting card revoked. Because you're a fucking idiot and you make the rest of us look bad.

It's times like this I'm thankful I don't own a gun.
Collin said…
Jesus..what's with all the anonymous comments? You bitches too scared to sign your name?

Obviously, the first anonymous poster who is voting for McCain because Hillary didn't win the nomination is an absolute and utter moron. You weren't paying attention to Hillary's speech. Great is not good enough, and McShame doesn't even come close to greatness. If you want to support Hillary, just don't vote at all, but don't give a vote to the Republicans out of spite. That's not what Hillary would want you to do.

The mindset of these Democrats who are so embittered over Hillary's loss makes no sense. Voting for McCain? Get a grip.
M. RuPere said…
oh well, Collin - seems your well-read blog attracted two brain-dead Rep trolls who are trying mightily to use the Hill *issue* as a wedge - nice try, America-hating vampires, lol, now get back under your rocks - at least we now know that Keith O's truthful takes are making them squirm . . .
Bush, McCain and ilk want to bloat the government in favor of killing people to give our tax dollars to corporate welfare.

WAKE UP. Government is needed to help, not harm, the world.

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