In Memoriam: Reginald Shepherd, 1963-2008

A giant in the poetry world has passed. Reginald died Wednesday after a battle with cancer. I didn't always agree with Reginald and we sparred several times on the Harriet blog and at his own blog over poetics. Nevertheless,  he was a great poet and he will be missed. I'm glad I got to meet and hear him in Atlanta last year during AWP. We both shared a love of Kate Bush's music and his essay about her will appear in Diva Complex, an anthology coming next year from University of Wisconsin Press, along side mine on Jeanne Moreau.  While other bloggers have posted poems, I'd like to post this line from his blog manifesto Why I Write revised, because I think it sums up Reginald, his life and his unforgettable work:

And never to forget beauty, however strange or difficult.


Maggie May said…
that is a beautiful quote.
Do you remember talking about him in the car? I was about to invite him to read at Quill 2009. I am so sad that I've missed out on meeting him, sadder that he's gone at such a young age.
Nick said…
He will indeed be missed. I was touched by his comment on one of my posts. I will take consolation in reading reading his poetry.

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