McCain Is A One Trick Pony

Don't get me wrong -- I think John McCain is a brave man. He served his country with honor and was brutally tortured in Vietnam. The story of his imprisonment was regurgitated so many times tonight at the Republican National Convention that it was embarrassing. His story of survival has been reduced to cliche and a desperate, desperate attempt for votes. His five years at the Hanoi Hilton, while horrible, do not qualify him to be president. 

McCain's acceptance speech went on for nearly an hour, made no policy proposals and was wildly unfocused. He yammered on about the war in Iraq and fear-mongered for awhile, but never really addressed the economy, which is what Americans care about. Using the unpopular war in Iraq was a huge misstep. The early part of the speech was interrupted by protesters, with one unfurling a banner that read "You Cannot Win An Occupation." Amen to that. 

From the giant flag waving behind him on the screen to blowing half the campaign budget on balloons and confetti, the night was strong on patriotism, but short on ideas. This isn't's the 21st century and McCain is not the man to lead us into the future. 


DeadMule said…
"This isn't 1941," exactly. I said to my husband, during the speech, it sounded like the "War to end all wars" over again.
Brian Campbell said…
Here, here. I like what Jon Stewart said last night, something to this effect: if surviving torture qualifies him as a leader, maybe Guantanamo Bay should be called a Leadership Training school.

There was all this weird stuff about reform... as if the Republican party is the only one qualified to repair the damage the Republican party inflicted on the country over the past 8 years.
Justin Evans said…
re: the Bo film they showed before McCain took the stage.

The tone was comical. I couldn't help but think I was watching the compelling story of Biff Tannen (Back to the Future II) and the amazing rise of Biff McCain and his creation of BiffCo
Rachel Mallino said…
He didn't say a single thing about what he was going to actually "do" as President. Except, of course, "drill".

I can not wait for the debates.
Lisa Allender said…
I posted about what OUTRGAED me last night, and I posted it even before he was finished with his speech. By the end of his speech, I heard only one specific, uh, something about community colleges helping train folks to get other jobs, etc. Don't they already do that? Anyway, as angry as I still am over the comment that had my blood pressure raise, I feel almost sorry for John McCain. The last couple of times I've seen him walk onto the stage, he radiates a very Willie Loman("Death of a Salesman") vibe. He knows it's over.
Lisa Allender said…
Uh, that first comment above should read: OUTRAGED

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