Obama Needs To Get Tough

Here's one of the latest Obama ads (thanks, C. Dale) attacking McPalin's status as "mavericks." I know Obama would like to take the moral high road in this campaign, but the old man and his lipstick barracuda have turned the heat waaaaay up and Obama needs to come out swinging. The moral high road leads back to Chicago, not the White House. I'm just sayin'...

Obama and his campaign should be going after McCain's gaffe yesterday about the economy being "fundamentally strong," how it's nothing more than a Bush talking point and that he has yet to lay out ANY concrete plan on how to pull this country out of a financial nosedive. He also needs to pounce today on Palin refusing to cooperate with the investigation in Alaska. There's a lot more to that story than meets the eye and could be her absolute downfall. The media needs to load up the truck and get to Juno and dig deep and hard. As Amy Poehelr (as Hillary) said on Saturday Night Live, the media needs to grow a pair. The big laugh from the McSame camp today is one of his staffers saying he had a hand in creating the Blackberry! He can't even use email!!! They will just say any damn thing won't they?

Fellow blogger and poet Justin Evans has a great rant up at his blog on all this and more. Check it out. 

I just hope the report in the Wall Street Journal that Obama raised more than $66 million in August and that 500,000 new donors gave money translates into votes. McPalin have something like $200 million in their war chest thanks to all that public financing, which Obama opted out of to make a point. I hope it doesn't backfire. Obama needs a decisive landslide victory on Nov. 4.


Justin Evans said…
Thanks for the plug.

My wife and I had a conversation where she said something very important. She said that it is kid of up to us to say these things if the DNC and Obama aren't. It is up to us to show the news agencies that McCain doesn't have us all charmed.
Anonymous said…
One of the news shows last night said McCain was using a scorched earth policy when it came to attack Obama so Obama needs to light up the flame thrower and scorch back.

RIGHT ON Collin.
check this out:

"Sen. McCain offered up the oldest Washington stunt in the book. You pass the buck to a commission to study the problem," Obama said. "This isn't 9/11. We know how we got into this mess. What we need now is leadership that gets us out. I'll provide it. John McCain won't. And that's the choice for Americans in this election."

Obama continued to criticize McCain's remark Monday that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong." In a television ad released Tuesday, Obama's campaign asks: "How can John McCain fix our economy if he doesn't understand it's broken?"

bookfraud said…
i agree that obama needs to stiffen his spine -- but in the right way. i don't think attacking the "maverick" b.s. is going to help much.

but hammering mccain on the economy will. mccain is not only out of touch, but his no regulations, anything goes philosophy of finance is what created the subprime mess in the first place. that suddenly he's for more regulations is a joke.

as long as obama can keep the focus on that and not lipstick and pigs and palin and other crap, and as long as lehman and merrill and aig are going down the tubes, even the most bigoted conservative might feel a bit uneasy with "more of the same." if there's one thing people are more scare of than a black man, it's unemployment, malaise and recession.
Great point, Collin. I think I agree. The GOP ads are everywhere just now, and Obama needs to wade in.
jaxx said…
i agree completely, collin. and thanks for including the ad, i'd heard about it but not seen it yet.

the only thing that frightens me about obama taking off the gloves and going negative and direct is of course the worry that it will blow up in our faces. the republicans have so much more experience playing this kind of dirty pool.

i may drive to PA this weekend for a democrat voter drive. wish me luck!
DeadMule said…
McPalin. Collin, I do like that.
Lisa Allender said…
Love this post, Coll. I always liked how "gentlemanly" Obama was/is, but gloves off now. This is a fight.

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