Sarah Palin: The New Fembot?

The new Sarah Palin action figure at and the Bionic Woman's nemesis The Fembot. I'm just sayin... Where's Jaime Sommers when we need her? The video below is also pretty hilarious.


Anonymous said…
That video is funny as hell. They should take it and cut some footage of Palin in there.

M. RuPere said…
I love it that she fired the Librarian who wouldn't ban the books she wanted banned . . . so maybe they need a gumbyesque Librarian figure that she can kick around . . . and some little wolves to shoot . . . collect the whole set!
Anonymous said…
Wait a second -- is that your Fembot doll?

bookfraud said…
my god, sarah palin as fembot is so obvious, i'm amazed someone didn't think of it the day she first opened her programmable mouth (programmed for speech, that is).

that video is a hoot.
Collin said…
No, Gavin, that is not my Fembot. I wish! Those things sell for a fortune on eBay because so few of them were made.
Wow - I'd forgotten about John Houseman's part.

Agreed: Palin is the Fembot.
LKD said…
Tina Fey's supposed to play Palin tonight on SNL. I can't wait.

Oh, and hey, you've been tagged.
Lisa Allender said…
Tina Fey was brilliant--the "midwest-y" accent(Sarah Palin was raised by folks from Idaho(she herself was born there), and that accent of hers is so very "Fargo").
I particularly loved it when Tina Fey's Sarah chirps "I can't believe it..I think you have to REALLY WANT IT, to get the nomination..." Amy Pohler's Hillary responds bitterly, as she tears into a piece of the lectern she's standing in front of, "Oh, yeah, I just didn't want. it. badly. enough."
It was really really funny.
And I hope to God that folks will understand how TRUE it is when Amy's Hillary says to Tina's Sarah, who keeps chirping about "Anyone can do it" etc. etc......
"Really, anyone can be President. Really, ANYone......" Just hilarious.
And kind of, you know, frightening. I surely hope the media tires of her, and folks get back to choosing QUALIFICATIONS over "novelty". Sigh.

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