Monday Bits

I'm kicking off this post with the video for Duffy's new single, "Rain On Your Parade," which was considered as the theme to the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. The theme song selection has been a train wreck, ultimately ending with the atrocious Jack White/Alicia Keys collaboration, "Another Way To Die." Amy Winehouse was supposed to do the theme, but her drug problems got in the way, and the ball was punted to Duffy. Apparently, the producers thought it wasn't strong enough. "Rain On Your Parade" sounds like classic Bond. When it's released as a single in the UK, I expect it will go straight to number one.

Since the Modern Confessional has been so political heavy lately, I'm starting a new weekly feature this Wednesday. Each week, I'll showcase a new book of poetry, post a mini-review and a poem from the collection. Check back Wednesday to see who's up first. 

Because of the economy and changes at my job, I've had to cancel my reading in Washington D.C. that was set for Nov. 20 at Busboys and Poets. I am hoping to reschedule this for right after the first of the year. I am still heading up to NYC next week for my reading with Vijay Seshadri on Oct. 30 at Cornelia Street Cafe. Halloween in Manhattan should be a scream...literally. On Nov. 8, I'll be reading and hosting the fifth annual Voices Carry reading featuring Laurel Snyder, Jim Elledge, Theresa Davis, Kodac Harrison and Cecilia Woloch. Also coming up is a reading with Karen Head at Outwrite Books on Nov. 11. I'll be posting more about these soon.

Also part of my money-saving efforts was getting rid of Starz and Showtime. That means no more Weeds or Secret Diary of A Call Girl, but the seasons just ended and I'm hopeful the economy will be on the upswing when they start up again. Dropping the channels is saving me about $40 a month, so definitely some savings there.

And in case you missed it my last post, my poem "Barney Rubble Saves Our Lives" is in the new edition of Atlanta Review! I'm really pleased to finally be in my "hometown" lit mag. 


congrats on the Atlanta Review publication. they're a very good publication.
Anonymous said…
OMG I have to get rid of cable TV too - but I am waiting until after the election. It will save me $60 a month!!!!

Can't wait to see which poetry book you pick first!
Maggie May said…
congratulations on Atlanta Review!
I've shifted the blue 5 blog to a new address so - if I am able to work bfr as a blog - I can use the blue fifth review blog address. I copied our comments into one comment file in the new blue 5 blog. The new address works from my 10,000 blog.
Lisa Allender said…

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