Obama Ahead In Battleground States

CNN is reporting that Barack Obama has moved ahead in the polls in five key battleground states: Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada and Virginia. No big surprise as the McCain campaign continues to spiral downward as the bailout mess continues. As I'm typing this, the bailout is still be debated in the Congress. It's got a bunch of add-ons to entice House Republicans to approve it, but it's still a crapshoot. Obama, McCain and Biden are all in Washington to vote. Sarah Palin is holed up in Arizona cramming for her American and World History exam...errr...debate. Here in Georgia, polls indicate that McCain is slipping here, too, but not enough to overcome the conservative, right wing Christian terrorists who populate this state. I'll be live blogging and Twittering the vice-presidential debate tomorrow night. It should be a scream.


Lisa Allender said…
I watched Rachel Maddow at 9:00 P. M., and she cut live to the SEenate floor, where a new "fab four"--Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, and uh, two Repubs emerged as leaders in the NEW version of the "Bail-out Bill" gaining passage in the Senate, 74-25. It must go on to The House now.
I'm SO excited about Obama leading in so many states--as I've been saying for months now, I think many folks will be surprised come Nov. 4th. He's going to win, handily!
The VP debate IS going to be a scream, but don't underestimate SP----I read she can sorta drag out her answers, to "fill up" time. And Joe Biden is really chatty,which might be off-putting to some folks, though at least he actually SAYS something when he speaks.
Pris said…
This is off the subject, but I just learned about the 'follow this blog' icons. Sooo easy. I can't find the icon on your blog to follow yours , though. Help?
bookfraud said…
collin, don't you know it's bad karma to be talking about these things? like...talking about obama being ahead in the polls might scuttle his lead!

i'm superstitious and paranoid, but then again, i'm a cubs fan.

you betcha!
DeadMule said…
Will you be blogging the VP debate, Collin? You do it so well.
Anonymous said…
Literally. I will be screaming. At the tv. With a mouth full of saag paneer.

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