One Week Until Election Day

We're down to the last seven days of the longest presidential race in history. I cannot wait for it to be over, but I think it's crucial to stay focused and alert to everything the desperate McCain campaign and GOP will try before Election Day, including voter tampering. Here in Georgia, our Christian right-wing-controlled government attempted to purge more than 50,000 names from the voter rolls by questioning their citizenship. A court ruled those citizens must be allowed to cast ballots. This is happening in other states as well. If you can, vote early. Like Obama said, this is no time to get cocky because of some poll numbers. Stay vigilant until an Obama victory is secured. 

I had planned to vote early because I was going to be in the UK, but now that I'm going to be here, I've decided to brave the long lines and vote on November 4. My polling place is literally adjacent to the Martin Luther King Jr. historic site and it's mostly an African-American neighborhood. The journalist in me wants to make sure there aren't any shenanigans going on to prevent people from voting, but I also can't think of a more symbolic experience than standing in sight of Ebenezer Church and the crypt of MLK and voting in this country's most important election ever. 

Go, Obama, Go!


DeadMule said…
Hi Collin,

I voted yesterday. And there were signs in this state that has voted red since Jimmy Carter that Obama has supporters. That there is hope.

But the thought of standing in the shadow of Ebenezer gives me chills. I'm very into symbolic acts. We cannot give up. May equality because real. May justice reign. May it pour down upon us like waters.
Maggie May said…
i'm starting to get stomach pains. he's got to win.
stacebro said…
I marched in a "No blood for oil" march to protest the first Iraq war and Bush the Sr.'s deadline, which was on MLK's birthday. We ended the march at Ebenezer, and everyone tried to sing "We shall overcome," but no one could remember the words.
go go go goooo obama go
Lisa Allender said…
Hi Coll. That IS spectacular--voting within sight of Ebenezer Baptist. That area is where my Mom and I marched for the "Peace in Iraq; Justice at Home" (April, 2006)which we marked on the anniversary of MLK's death.
I planned to vote this Friday, but want to be "in the energy" of Nov. 4th--so I'm volunteering on election day, to help out!
It's going to be an amazing week. We'll get there...yes we can; yes we will!
jaxx said…
we gawn WIN!

can i borrow your cool "vote" button?
Collin Kelley said…
Borrow away, Jaxx. I borrowed it, too.

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