Guest Blogging at Get Angry With Me

I have a guest blog up at Jackie Sheeler's fantastic Get Angry With Me blog, which provided me with plenty of fodder and links over the course of the long presidential campaign. As the title of the blog suggests, there's usually a lot of ranting, but Jackie's rants are always filled with truth and useful information. Think of her as a cross between Olbermann and Maddow. My guest blog is called "Stonewall 2.0?", which is what many in the GLBTQ community have been calling last Saturday's protests against Proposition 8 in California. So, if you didn't click the blog name above, click this link and head over to Jaxx's place. And don't just read my column, but scroll back and check out some of the others. If you're still on an Obama high, this is the place for you.


jaxx said…
thanks for writing such a great post for GAWM, collin. i don't know where the hell you find the time to do all of the things that you do!
Pris said…
I'm still on an Obama high so I'm headed over there now. And hey, I like the vid above.
Dustin said…
Enjoyed your post over at GET ANGRY WITH ME.

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