Obama's Grandmother Has "Gone Home"

Obama's grandmother lost her long battle with cancer this morning. Madelyn Dunham was 86, had raised Obama after his mother's death and had followed and supported her grandson until her final hours. Tonight at a rally, Obama said she had "gone home." 

I just got home from one of the Obama campaign offices here in Atlanta. I worked the phone bank for two hours calling voters in South Georgia around Pooler and Statesboro. I only had one person hang up on me and most of the people I talked to were supporting Obama! I guess that's why the state of Georgia is not solid red on the electoral map, but pink! 

I'm planning be at my polling place around 6 a.m. and see if I can vote early. Watch the blog tomorrow for updates all day.

We're so close now!


DeadMule said…
How sad that she died on the eve of the election. I'm sure he said his good-byes last week but still, how sad.
minus five said…
so sad about his grandma, but what an amazing man she helped raise.
Lisa Allender said…
What a nice tribute here, Collin.
It's so sad.

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