One Week Ago Today...Change

I think this is my favorite cover from all the newspapers and magazines covering the election of Barack Obama as our 44th president. Obama is not wasting any time getting his staff and cabinet together. There's already talk of Obama issuing immediate executive orders lifting restrictions on stem cell research and closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay where more than 200 "terrorists" are being held without formal charges. With the economy continuing to spiral, Obama has already said it's his first priority. I think we're going to see some big changes happen quickly after inauguration day on Jan. 20. Obama and his team are also using the web effectively, setting up a new transition website at


Anonymous said…
Yeah, with all the social features of his various sites, our new president is almost a blogger. How cool is that?
Anonymous said…
He's definitely a president for the 21st century. He knew how to mobilize young people with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. It's cool.

Collin Kelley said…
He is indeed very cool. I wish Dubya would just resign now and let Obama take over. Why wait?
jaxx said…
i also love that front page -- and YES to bush leaving office early. from your mouth to god's ear, collin.
Lisa Allender said…
Yaaa, Collin. I love this pic, and the sentiments about "Bush Leave Now".
It IS cool that President-Elect(I LOVE saying that!!) Obama IS a sort-of-Blogger, yes?!
Pris said…
That's a great shot of him! I'm still thrilled he's in! Guantanamo Bay has been a disgrace, a pit of horror with people never actually convicted of anything disappearing into the black hole they call that prison.
jessica said…
President Ethics-Man! With the superpower of... ETHICS!
mongo9584 said…
By: Kevin Neugebauer
Today's media decides what news they want to print and spit. Every aspect in the BAIL OUT OF 2008 points back to Democrats. Ask yourself these questions: What caused to meltdown in our economy? Who was responsible for it? Why don't the media report it?

The major cause of the meltdown in our economy was the mortgage companies and the price of energy.

Between 2000 and 2007 mortgage companies started to give loans to unqualified consumers and sold them as securities to major banks. You might ask why would they give bad loans to people who cannot afford to pay them back, and why sell them? They where pressured by the government because of the lobbyists' from organizations like ACORN. They sold these loans because they knew they were bad. So why in the hell should we bail them out? The people who is making the decision to bail them out is the Democrat majority congress and Paulson that said we need to pass this bail out or we will have a devastating effect. Some Democrats are saying it is the Republicans fault because they supported no regulation. That is like blaming the candy store owner for your kids' cavities. What happened to accountability? Why not just use the 700 Billion and split it up among the tax payers? That would defiantly help the economy. It's our money anyway. Who was in charge of the mortgage companies? Frank Rains, Jim Johnson and Raham Emanuel.(People that are friends and advisors for Obama) When the Republicans in congress tried to warn members of congress of the danger that this risky practice should be looked upon and some regulations should be enforced before the bubble bursts. They just ignored the idea. Here is the link for the video

Who is responsible for the escalating cost of energy? Again the Democrats. Bill Clinton when he was President extended the ban on off shore drilling until 2012. If he wouldn't have done that and would have ignored the lobbyists, then we wouldn't have been paying $4 gallon this past summer.(Which caused the auto industry issue, because everyone stopped buying trucks and SUV's) The Democrats answer was to use corn as a form of fuel. E-85 is a ridicules substitute for gas. This is why, it isn't efficient and it takes just as much gas to make a gallon of E-85 than it does for a gallon of gas. You have to refine it also. I have a truck that runs on it. I thought it was great until I did the math. I fill up twice as much with E-85 than regular gas. The other thing it does is make the cost of our food go up because of supply and demand. That is just genius. Let's see, we make gas more expensive because we can't drill in our own country, but Japan is drilling off our cost. Let's make food more expensive because we are using it for a non efficient fuel. This is the decision making you Democrats voted for. Just Genius!!
Collin Kelley said…
Blah, blah, blah. Keep drinking that GOP Kool-Aid. You lost, dude, so get over it and get back to us in four years when the Republican party has bought a vowel and solved the puzzle.
mamoo said…
ditto, collin.
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Blogger Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

As an Aussie, when I heard the news of Guantamnamo closing, I said a heartfelt "Thank God!" Two of our citizens were there for some time, and suffered much. I think it's pretty certain they did some misguided things, one through mental illness, the other through immaturity (though the cases are by no means proven) and appropriate measures have at last been taken here for the safety of society - that doesn't excuse the treatment they received, nor the failure of the previous Australian Government to protect them from abuse.

Obama's action reminds me of our former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, whose first act on taking office in 1972 was to free the conscientious objectors jailed for refusing to be conscripted into the Vietam War. Also our present PM, Kevin Rudd, wasting no time in saying an official "Sorry" to our Indigenous citizens for past wrongs.

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