Happy New Year

New Year's Eve was very low-key, which is just what I wanted. I met up with BFF Malory and we went to dinner at Longhorn, where we totally gorged ourselves on prime rib. Then we party-hopped, including a soiree at BFF Karen's house. I was home shortly after midnight watching  Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper in Times Square. No illness or gunfire this year, which I think is a plus. 

I spent several hours yesterday re-reading my novel, Conquering Venus, and making some additional tweaks. I plan to finish today and submit the manuscript to two presses tomorrow. Keep your fingers, toes and legs crossed for some success this time out. I've been trying to get this book published for over eight years, and it feels like the time is now. Many thanks to the extraordinary Kate Evans for offering advice, comments and critique on the novel over the last few months.

The next three days are all about writing. I've had some requests by editors for poems, so I have to go through the file and see what's ready. It's also time to look at the poetry collection in progress, which I put aside last year. Poems need to come out and new ones put in, plus a general rethinking of the sequence. I also hope to get out to see one more movie, probably Doubt (I'll post a review) and to finish reading Julia Leigh's Disquiet (the next "Read This").

Doing more reading and writing is my only resolution for 2009. Since I'll be -- gulp! -- 40 this year, I'm trying to make my resolutions more realistic. What are yours?


DeadMule said…
Hi Collin, Happy New Yeargnessom. My resolution is to be a more open and friendly person - that is, to love more people than I did last year.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year. Good luck with all the writing!

Lisa Allender said…
Peace, man, and Happy New Year. I'm waaay older than you, but I'm still not realistic about Resolutions, to wit:To become more Peaceful, forgiving, understanding. A tall order, but I'm going to try!
Same resolutions as yours, I think. And, in the words of Ali G, to "keep it real", which can mean whatever one needs it to mean :)

Happy new year, Collin.
HNY! One of my goals is to become more muscular.
Justin Evans said…
Best of luck with the novel. I really wish I could write fiction. I've got a retarded narrative voice, and that sucks.

BTW---I'll be 40, too, this year, so you are not alone.
Maggie May said…
Happy New Year! and best luck with your novel. i'm impressed you are finished, mine is more than half way through and i've determined to finish it this year. i want to see Doubt! the leads are incredible.
Peter said…
Happy New Year, Collin.
The 40s are Fabulous! Really. Enjoy them.
Happy New Year, Collin!

Fingers & toes are crossed for your novel's success!
Liz said…
Happy New Year, Collin.
Good luck with all your writing plans...
And 40 is the new 30, so lots to look forward to there! : )
christine said…
I really admire how you organize your writing and periodically take stock, plus how you share your process with others. Very generous.

40, shmorty. You look very young. I hear Jack on 30 Rock say "50 is the rich 30."

40 is the poet's 25. It means your adolescence is finally, thank the gods, over.
jeannine said…
Happy happy. And, reading and writing: good resolutions!
jaxx said…
happy new year, collin!

fingers and toes duly crossed for Conquering Venus.

but i am confused by your new year's resolution. i don't know ANYBODY with a f/t job who does more reading and writing than you. and your goal is to do even more ... you must have found some way to eliminate your need for sleep.


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