American Idol 8 - First 12 Results

Last year American Idol promised it would keep results shows to half an hour. They're already breaking promises. This was a useless hour of banter, a messy group sing and last season has-beens Carly Smithson and Michael Johns singing "The Letter," which they sang on the finale of season seven. They couldn't even bother to learn a new song. Bah! 

So, I got two out of the three correct: Alexis Grace and Danny Goeky made it though. Alexis' daddy and girlfriend were making out like they'd just won the lottery, and in a way, I guess they did.  The surprise was Michael Sarver, the oil roughneck who beat Anoop Desai by 20,000 votes (25 million voted last night). This just proves that hundreds of thousands of Americans are tone deaf and will go for the boring and safe every time. Sarver is a bore, and wouldn't even make a good bar singer. Poor Tatiana looked like she'd been tasered at the end of the show. She was in total shock and refused to clap or even pretend like she was having a good time. One of Gokey's friends held up a picture of the dead wife while he sang "Hero." It's verging on the unseemly now. 

The question now is who will the judges/producers pick as wildcards from this bunch. Tatiana and Anoop are the only possibilities, and my guess is Anoop. Paula "Miss Pills" Abdul ought to hire Tatty D. to help hawk her jewelry, since it got more screen time tonight. Next week 12 more perform and three more are selected. My future husband Adam Lambert is performing.


Anonymous said…
The only one I cared about getting through made and that was Alexis. America is full of stupid people.

Maggie May said…
Anoop bores me. Tatiana is crazy annoying but she has a very pretty voice.
Diane Lockward said…
I think Alexis Grace is terrific. Are you sure she's only 17? I thought she was 20-something. Happy with Danny. Surprised by Michael's selection but he is a nice guy and I suspect he may do better if he can relax a bit. Just please don't bring back Tatiana. Please. Adam Lambert I adore already.

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