Novel, Poetry & Kindle

I'm still planning to launch a blog for Conquering Venus, but just haven't had time to get it all together. I have a lot of photos, a timeline of the creation of the novel and I'm going to build an interactive Google map of all the locales in Paris where the story takes place. I need to spend a weekend on it, but I haven't had a free weekend in ages. I'm still stuck at the 200 page mark on the second novel and now realize that about 100 pages need to be rewritten to shift the narrative to a slightly new track. My BFF Joy B. from Austin talked me through it on the phone and for the first time ever, I made an outline of where the story needs to go. 

Many thanks to Nancy at the Breathing Poetry site for reprinting my poem "Secret Origins of the Super-Villains," which originally appeared in Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

Last night the Poetry Atlanta board gathered to watch the screener of the documentary we've been working on for the last few years, showcasing local poets performing at venues around the city. Tim O'Donnell did an amazing job of filming and editing the film. Some of the featured poets include Natasha Trethewey, Beth Gylys, Opal Murray, Gypsee-Yo, Karen Head, Alice Lovelace, Sharan Strange, Jon Goode, the late Shannon Leigh and many more. I'm on the film reading "Wonder Woman" and also interviewed in the Q&A session. Title and release date to be announced soon!

Amazon has released a Kindle application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which means you'll be able to download and read Conquering Venus on the plane, train or in your automobile. The image above is a screen shot of what the text looks like on an iPhone.


Maggie May said…
that's not too shabby. i can read that easily.

congrats on all your progress Collin.
im looking fwd to reading CV
January said…
Hmmm ... do I buy hard copy or read CV on my iPhone? This is a good problem to have.
Collin Kelley said…
January, the goal is to make the novel available in as many mediums as possible. We're talking about an audiobook version on iTunes, too. :)
CK - the correct answer should've been "buy them both!"
Lisa Allender said…
Looking forward to CV, and yeah...that film-project sounds cool, too--I wondered what was up with that. Can't wait to see it!
christine said…
I love audio books. One of my favorite things to do is take a long walk and listen to a good story.

I don't know how you've written so much on your next novel, and still have time to work, blog, and socialize.

Great news about the documentary too.
christine said…
Oh, I love that poem. I remember reading it on Dead Mule a while back when I first 'discovered' your poems. It's definitely a poem one remembers. The end is so poignant. All that loss of time, of innocence.
Ron said…
I would not have thought I'd read a poem mentioning the Secret Origins of the Super-Villains. And a nice poem at that. And thanks for the link to Poetry Atlanta. I almost missed out on Doty's visit!

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