Saturday Notes

It's 75 degrees in Atlanta today, and tomorrow it will be nearly 80. Just last Sunday we were in the middle of a snowstorm. warming much?

Thursday night I had another conversation with the great poet and musician Vanessa Daou. We continued the conversation we started back in October when I was in New York about inspiration, poetics, art and how that all intersects with the music she makes. Last night, I worked for three hours honing the Q&A down to a manageable length. The interview with Vanessa will be published soon in a literary journal that I love. I won't name it here until we get the all clear, but I'm excited that it's found a home and will be accompanied by two of Vanessa's amazing poems.  

I really should be working on the second novel, but instead I'm working on a marketing idea for Conquering Venus that will soon involve all of you who read this blog. I hope you'll accept the challenge. More soon!


Maggie May said…
'global warming'= all i can think of when i hear about the weather lately!
jaxx said…
i accept the venus marketing challenge! (oh, how i wanted to write the penis marketing challenge...) dirty girl.

same thing in NYC -- last sunday the blizzard starting, yesterday people walking around without coats. while i'm happy enough that the snow is gone (i hate snow), our weather is getting scarier by the month.
January said…
Congrats on placing your article. And I can attest that it's quite warm in NYC this weekend.

Have you thought about creating a book trailer for CV?
Collin Kelley said…
January, there is a book trailer up at Vanilla Heart, but it's very basic. A slick, "music video" style trailer is in the works even as I type this. It will probably go up in April.
Anonymous said…
Count me in on whatever your marketing plan is. I'm going to be honest because I always am and tell you that I don't like the trailer for your book that Vanilla Heart has done (sorry Vanilla folks). It looks really slapped together. You can do much better and I'm sure you will.

Lisa Allender said…
Without havin' a clue as to what your marketing idea for "CV", Coll, I'm absolutely in!
Emily A. Benton said…
haha I've also been too busy to blog and I just read this post - after I just posted my own rant about the weather!

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