American Idol - Double Elimination

American Idol obviously couldn't wait to get rid of Lil Rounds. Fifteen minutes into the show, Miss Seacrest sent her home. No drama, no psych out, just outta there! Cold blooded, but no big surprise. Lil had been stinking up the joint for weeks. 

Before Lil was unceremoniously given the boot in her badonkadonk, we were treated to the gayest choreography of the season courtesy of Miss Pills Abdul, whose "neck injury" seems to be in remission, for the group sing of "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)." Then there was a medley of disco hits by Freda Payne, Thelma Houston and KC from KC and the Sunshine Band. Freda looked great (those guns!) but sounded terrible on "Band of Gold," Thelma sounded good on "Don't Leave Me This Way," but looked like Big Bird after a plucking and KC...lawdy me. KC sang "Get Down Tonight," but my guess is that if pappy got down he wouldn't be able to get back up. We also had to sit through a performance by David "Fetus" Archuletta. He sounded gaspy and still looks 12.

My worst fear came true when Allison and Anoop were bottom two, but luckily Anoop was sent home. The judges saving Matt last week was almost a tragedy. We're less than a month from the finale. Thankyajesus.


Anonymous said…
Thankyajesusexactly! Wish those idolwantabees......would have turned some modern tunes INTO Disco -- that would have been hot. Glad the A team are gone. Let's get on with the show.
Pris said…
I'm probably one of the few in the U.S. who's never seen American Idol (I wait for YouTubes of it). I'm confused about the judges. My husband doesn't watch it either but has seen parts in passing. He swears Simon is one of the judges and his photo appears when I google. Is this correct and, if so, how does he juggle the time to do that and Britain's Got Talent? You're the expert, so figured I would ask you.
I don't get it...Allison in the bottom 3 when Timberlake-wannabe wasn't?!

Thank god she wasn't cut. She has a killer voice.
Collin Kelley said…
Pris, yes, Simon judges both. He flies back and forth to London and some of the Britain's Got Talent is pre-taped. The UK show is on the weekends and Idol is during the week, but it must be one hell of a schedule and Simon must have some serious frequent flier miles.
Tania Rochelle said…
It was like "Let's put on a show" at Elderly Acres.

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