American Idol - Top 5 Perform

There's only five contestants left and it's only three weeks to the American Idol finale! Yay! Tonight the Top 5 sang songs made popular by the Rat Pack -- Frank, Dean and Sammy. As Kris noted, the Rat Pack is dead so some genius at Fox decided Jamie Foxx would be the perfect mentor. Just because he played Ray Charles and was in Dreamgirls with Jennifer Hudson? Whatever. 

Kris Allen: He did a nice version of "The Way You Look Tonight," keeping the monkey faces in control and looking cute as usual. Randy, Paula and especially Kara (she was practically fingering herself) were way over the top in their praise of his performance, which was good, but not his best ever. Simon said it was a little bit "wet" and didn't think Kris would win. Jamie Foxx doesn't care, because he said Kris was number one and wanted to record with him. 

Allison Iraheta: Her husky voice actually worked to her advantage on "Someone to Watch Over Me," and once again Randy, Kara and Paula were gushing about her brilliance. Simon said he liked the performance, but didn't think she had the confidence to win. "I have a horrible feeling you're in trouble," Simon said. Not this week, but next for sure. She was actually wearing tasteful clothing tonight. Maybe that's a bad sign, too.

Matt Giraud: Ummm, was Simon simply trying to save face for the wasted save they used on this Timberlake wannabe by calling his cover of "My Funny Valentine" brilliant and authentic? Bitch, please. Randy and Kara were right for once (?!) and said it was pitchy and he had no emotional connection. It was also flat as a pancake. Let's face it, this song belongs to Sinatra and Julie London did what I consider the definitive version in 1981. Listen to it at this link. Hell, Dino could have done this better three sheets to the wind at the Stardust. Matt should have gone home weeks ago. The time is now.

Danny Gokey: The dead-wife-pimping Hokey continues to be grossly overpimped by the judges, who have already guaranteed he'll be in the finale. He sang "Come Rain or Come Shine" and it sounded just like every other song he's done for three months -- second-rate Michael Bolton. Kara said he had Rat Pack "swagger" and "tone." What number do I call to vote Kara's dumb ass off? 

Adam Lambert: Now you wanna talk about some REAL swagger? Look no further than my future husband on the absolute best performance of the night. His performance of "Feelin' Good" was the real deal: authentic, theatrical and full of that old Vegas glory that the Rat Pack was all about. He's in the finale for sure, and damn he better beat Gokey. 


Nancy Devine said…
Adam is amazing...I think the best ever on American Idol.
Idol trivia....someone who works where I do is related to David Archuleta...not many degrees of separation.
I'm over at Dancing with the Stars now.
Happyflower said…
Gotta disagree this time, I did NOT like Adam this week. Good ending but the theatrical stuff has to go, reminds me too much of Jerry Lewis. lol

But I agree Matt has to go....
christine said…
I hope they vote Kara off the show. She's such a poser. I guess these day's she'd be called a tool.
Collin Kelley said…
Adam's theatrics and drama are the ONLY thing entertaining about this season. I want this year's Idol to sing well AND entertain me because, frankly, the last seven seasons of winners might be good to great singers, but they are boring as hell on stage.
Lisa Allender said…
I'm with you, Coll. I want ADAM to win, and actually, I'd love Allison as the next-in-line(1st-runner-up)!
She's amazing and certainly her skills are UNbelieveable, when you consider she's only 16!

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