American Idol - Top 7 Perform Disco

It's a shitty case of deja vu tonight with the Top 7 performing again after the judges wasted their save on Matt Giraud last week. That means two are going home tomorrow night. I was expecting disco night to be train wreck, but it was so-so with flashes of brilliance. 

Lil Rounds: She murdered Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman." Stabbed it in the back, rolled it over and stabbed it in the front for good measure. Calling it karaoke is being cruel to karaoke. It was just plain bad. Paula tried to defend Lil, who was apparently on vocal rest all weekend, to no avail. There was also no defending the badonkadonk enhancing jumpsuit and the cheap wig. Pack ya bags, Lil. 

Kris Allen: I really want to dislike him, but he's cute, even when making monkey faces. He was totally working the John Mayer look tonight while doing a rather fabulous acoustic version of Donna Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money." Paula said it had a Santana vibe, which it did and made me think Paula might be almost coherent tonight, but then she made some comment about Kris shopping in the women's department. This led to time-wasting banter between Paula and Simon, who said he didn't care if Kris wore ladies underwear. The look of gay panic on Kris' face was worth it. 

Danny Gokey: Back in the glasses again, more stubble on his face and securing his future as the next Michael Bolton, Danny frugged his way through Earth Wind & Fire's "September." It all sounds the same, looks the same, is the same. Yawn.

Allison Iraheta: Not nearly as good as the judges proclaimed (Simon said it was "brilliant" -- and it soooo was not), Allison did a rock version of Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff." She was dressed like a day-shift Las Vegas hooker (that's a step up!), but the song lost its energy with a slow arrangement. She still might be in trouble.

Adam Lambert: Dressed like Robert Palmer in a dapper suit and tie (evoking a little Elvis as well), Adam completely deconstructed Yvonne Elliman's  "If I Can't Have You" from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (Kara said Saturday Night Live...she's a total, time-sucking moron) and turned it into a mournful ballad. Paula was crying and Simon said his vocals were immaculate. Now this was brilliant. 

Matt Giraud: The proof that the judges' save last week was a complete waste was evident the moment Matt began to sing "Stayin' Alive." With the Justin Timberlake hat and ugly Member's Only-style jacket, and a messy arrangement, Matt blew it. Too many runs, too many "whoooos," and his falsetto at the end cracked and sounded like a chicken being strangled. So long, Matty. See you at the airport piano bar.

Anoop Desai: He got the pimp spot and while his vocal was good, the arrangement of Donna Summer's "Dim All the Lights" was abysmal. It started slow then went mid-tempo and had no energy at all. He might survive just for the vocal and going last.

Bottom three: Lil, Matt and Anoop...although Allison could wind up here, too, and the judges would be squarely to blame if she went home. I've got my money on Lil and Matt.


Anonymous said…
I think it will be Lil and Matt.

christine said…
I truly like reading your re-cap better than watching the show! If you're not careful, you're going to be recruited to writing for one of the weekly entertainment mags.
Steph R said…
I hope it will be Lil and Anoop. They both suck.
Nomad said…
Something Adam has going for him (besides a ton of raw talent) is that he doesn't do the irrelevant, distracting hand gestures the other contestants like to do

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