American Idol - Top 8 Perform

I missed most of the broadcast tonight, so I'm watching now and putting down a few thoughts. The theme was songs from the year of each contestant's birth, which pretty much means an 80s fest. I got home just in time to see Adam Lambert get a standing ovation from Simon Cowell for his brilliant cover of Tears For Fears' "Mad World." Everyone else should just pack up their bags and go home. Adam is light years better than anyone else on the show. 

Danny Gokey: Covering "Stand by Me" is a bit of a cheat, since the original came out in the 60s, but the film starring River Phoenix (loved him) came out his birth year. The arrangement was weird, sounding nothing like the original, and he growled his way through it as usual. All his performances are starting to sound alike to me. Correction: This was actually the Mickey Gilley cover version that went into the charts in 1980. The film came out in 1986. My bad. 

Kris Allen: He's out in the audience doing his John Mayer/Dave Matthews and pulling lots of monkey faces. He covered  "All She Wants to Do Is Dance," slowing it down and trying to make it a soul song. Fail. Judges hated it, I hate it. Next. 

Lil Rounds: I want to give Lil the Ike beatdown for doing this to Tina Turner's epic, untouchable "What's Love Got to Do With It." She walked out doing the Tina strut in cubic zirconia-studded fuck-me heels and proceeded to demolish the song. It was a lazy, badly phrased, and turned into plain old screaming at the end. Good-bye, Lil.

Anoop Desai: He trotted out Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors." I didn't love it or hate it...just sorta blah for me, NoopDawg. He has a pleasant voice, and after Lil and Kris, he should sail through just fine.

Scott MacIntyre: Paula got her wish and Scott abandoned the piano for the guitar, and he also abandoned any hope of winning the contest with this off-tune, screeching version of "The Search is Over." Dude, seriously, that was painful. I hope Paula is happy now. He's definitely in the bottom three with Lil, unless he gets lots of sympathy voting.

Allison Iraheta: She took on my favorite Bonnie Raitt song "I Can't Make You Love Me" and gave a Kelly Clarkson spin to it. She really is the second-best in the competition. For 16, she has so much soul in her voice. I didn't get Simon's comment about her being more likable. Hell, she even toned down the hair (well, sorta) and I almost liked what she was wearing.

Matt Giraud: After almost buying the farm last week, he got back into Justin Timberlake mode for his cover of Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover." It was good enough to get him through another week, but he REALLY needs to find his own identity. I don't think we've seen it yet.

Adam Lambert: The pimp spot of the season. I've already said it, but absolutely the best performance of the night. He did the Gary Jules' version of "Mad World" that featured on the soundtrack to Donnie Darko. Understated, restrained, brilliant. He simply must win.


Happyflower said…
Monkey faces! haha!

Allison seems to get better each week, I still can't believe she is only 16.

We know Adam will win, it almost sucks we know that already so early in the season. But didn't he mess up a note at the ending? Maybe I was hearing things...
Adam and Allison both gave me the chills tonight.

Scott must go. He will be great playing the Hilton for blue hairs in Sarasota. They will love him. I'm irritated at how condescending the judges are to him.
Lisa Allender said…
Yes, Coll, and Kate--it's definitely Adam and Allison. I thought Scott was great a few weeks ago, doing Billy Joel, but not now.
Maggie May said…
I thought Matt and Adam were the top two. I LOVE the song Part Time Lover and thought his voice suited it perfectly, he really worked the vocals and had some cute dance moves too. Adam is genius. He is like a TheCure/Zepplin/Killers mish mash in the best way.
Maggie May said…
by 'he' i meant Matt, obviously.
Anonymous said…
Adam gets hotter every week. I really wish Hokey Gokey would be in the bottom three although I know he won't. Too bad they can't send two home tonight. Lil and Scott --- one of them is a goner.

Cowboi Mindy said…
Megan and I DVR'd it. So, when we got home in time to catch the end, we decided to start at the beginning. And our DVR cut off Adam! Are you f'ing serious? We scoured the internet for the next hour to find a video of his performance, and it was so worth it. His last few performances have totally moved me. Creepy song, for sure. But, what he brought to it... I heart him.
The only two I felt were worthy of radio or stage were Adam and Allison. Megan and I keep reminding ourselves every time Allison is on stage "she's 16... quit thinking that she is sexy." Her vocals and performances have such a maturity to them... but not as in pretense... just as in "did that really come out of her mouth?"
Great seeing you last night.

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