April Poets' Dinner

We had another poets' dinner last night at Agave, a fantastic Southwestern restaurant. Another great time full of laughter and conversation. These are definitely going to become a regular thing. We're planning another for early June. Picture above, back row from left, Dustin Brookshire, Julie Bloemeke, Megan Volpert, Me, Rupert Fike and Christine Swint, and kneeling in front are Cleo Creech and Beth Gylys. You'll notice some of us are holding chapbooks. These were created by Cleo to commemorate our last dinner at The Colonnade. Everyone who attended contributed a poem. Thanks, Cleo!


Maggie May said…
That chapbook is such a wonderful reminder! How very cool.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a fun night out.

christine said…
Besides how thoughtful it was, I'm really impressed with Cleo's design. He turned our poems into a true treasure.

It was a very fun night. It's great getting to know all of you better. I've come away with books to read [thanks, :-)], movies to watch, and memories of delightful company.

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