People Who Make Things

Poet, journalist and blogger Emily Benton has profiled me as part of her People Who Make Things series. I'm honored by the things she had to say about my work, especially After the Poison and Conquering Venus. There's also a Q&A. Thank you, Emily! 

Speaking of people who make things, last night I went to Marc Fitten's reading for his debut novel Valeria's Last Stand at the Carter Center. Marc was funny and self-effacing and I think the novel is going to do well. You can find out more about Marc and read the first chapter of his book at his website

On Monday night, I went to a reading given by Mark Doty and Paul Lisicky at Georgia State University. It was amazing to hear the new work they shared. They are such a funny and affable couple and it's always a delight to see them. 


Rachel Mallino said…
Awesome, Collin! I really enjoyed reading the interview.
Emily A. Benton said…
you're most welcome, Collin! Also, I'm jealous that you got to attend a reading with Doty and Lisicky, and last month one with Paul Guest, too!
January said…
Very nice interview, Collin.
Lisa Allender said…
Hi Collin, Congrats on all the good stuff you're doing! I'm soooo jealous you got to go to Marc Fitten's book-release; I got dressed up and ready to go, but a rather sudden, SEVERE thunderstorm out here scared me back into the house!(sigh).
Anonymous said…
This is really nice. Sweet Southern Boy. Yes you are.


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