Weekend Update

Disappointing news first: I've had to cancel my reading for Tebot Bach at Golden West College in LA next weekend. After scouring the Internet for reasonable airfare over the last month or so, a good friend offered me a "buddy pass" on Delta that meant flying stand-by, but cost under $200. This morning we found out that Delta has blacked out next weekend because it's Easter, meaning the buddy pass is useless. At this late date and with the holiday, I cannot find an affordable replacement ticket. I wish someone would explain to me why it's so expensive to fly from Atlanta to LA now -- it's ridiculous. A million apologies to Mifanwy Kaiser at Tebot Bach for having to cancel, and to my fellow readers Cecilia Woloch and Brendan Constantine. I know they will give a brilliant reading. I hope to reschedule this reading in the Fall.

The Conquering Venus blog still isn't ready. I haven't had as much time to work on it, so it's coming slowly. Yesterday, I started on the interactive Google map that highlights all the locales in the novel. It's a very cool feature. I'm also working on the blog template and a header. All this stuff takes time, and I'm juggling other projects as well. I'm not setting another completion date at this point. I'll just say soon. Thanks to everyone who's watched the Conquering Venus video trailer here and at all the other places it's posted. I appreciate the support.

On Friday, I went to the final Poetry at Tech reading for the season featuring Ed Pavlic and Kevin Young. It was held at the Academy of Medicine, a gorgeous historic building in Midtown. They should hold more readings there. I was put off by Ed Pavlic's opening comment: "I've been been to many Poetry at Tech readings, and enjoyed a few." Frankly, that spoiled the rest of his reading, which went on far too long and was a bit indulgent. Luckily, Kevin Young was gracious, funny and his work is fantastic. 

Last night, I went with BFF Joy, her brother Scott and his wife Valerie to Mint gallery for an exhibition of pop art inspired by horror films. It's a funky space and the art was cool. Joy's nephew, P. Seth Thompson, had a piece in the show (an incredible black and white photograph of machetes inspired by the Friday the 13th movies, pictured above), and, not surprisingly, it was my favorite piece.


Lisa Allender said…
Loved your comment on the machetes-piece, and also your feelings about the less than gracious comment from one of the poets at Poetry At Tech.
Art made from machetes, and undeserved nastiness coming from that poet.Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps a poem in that.
January said…
Too bad about Tebot Bach. I'm sure you'll have the opportunity to read there again in the future.

And I like Kevin Young's work, too.
greg rappleye said…

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