American Idol rigged?

The interwebz are all aflutter today over a New York Times article that suggests voting in last week's American Idol finale might have been tampered with by AT&T. Apparently, reps from AT&T were invited to Kris Allen parties in his home state of Arkansas and decided to bring along mobile phones that have the ability to send up to 10 texts at once. These phones were given out to attendees with instructions on how to send multiple text votes for Kris. Was this enough to sway the vote in favor of Kris over favorite Adam Lambert? Maybe, but we'll never know. However, the perception is that AT&T helped Kris Allen win and that further tarnishes Idol

Frankly, I'm ready for the plug to be pulled on the show. It's getting stale. Simon Cowell only has one year left on his contract and has intimated he's ready to move on. Without Simon there's no show. I've said this for the last couple of years and I'll say it again: Any type of reality show that relies on public voting and does not reveal details of the vote is suspect. American Idol refuses transparency. You make the call. Meanwhile, people are still losing their shit over Adam's loss. Come on, folks. He's working on his own album and he might be Queen's new lead singer. He's fine. And while he has the right to privacy, his toying with the media about his sexuality is getting a bit old. In light of what happened yesterday in his home state of California, it would have been the perfect time for him to say proudly, "Yes, I'm gay." However, there are rumors going around that Adam was told by Idol producers -- which still own him -- to not come out.


Anonymous said…
Doesn't surprise me at all that Idol is rigged. I think I'm going to skip it next year and just read your recaps.

flowers said…
I love your website, seriously. I read it daily via my Greader
christine said…
Why does this news get me so riled up?
Why would ATT execs even care? People are so weird. Adam has hitched a ride with a big machine. He's better off in second, and when the dust settles, he'll be his own man. Hopefully he'll have a political or social conscience.

I'll only watch AI if you are blogging about it.
Really being considered as lead singer of Queen? Can he do Freddie well enough?

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