Domestic Terrorism

Just last week I wrote about the dangers of the right-wing Christian fringe in this country after the murder of Dr. George Tiller. Today, a white-supremacist, Christian whackjob walked into the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. with a rifle and killed a security guard before he was shot by other guards. 

Meanwhile, you've got Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Beck and Hannity doing their usual fearmongering and egging on the right wing with their virulent hate speech on radio and television. From O'Reilly's "baby killer" crusade against Tiller on Fox to a bunch of losers on KRXQ radio station in Sacramento advocating for beating children who might identify as transgender, the right-wing in this country scares me much more than a radical Islamic terrorist.  Eric Boehlert has an excellent article about O'Reilly and his ilk inciting the right-wing to violence at Media Matters.

I suppose the only good news today is that Carrie Prejean was fired as Miss California because she was too busy gay-bashing over at Fox rather than making appearances required by her winning of the state pageant. 


Radio Nowhere said…
As a Christian, I find the Religious Right to be neither. They are hateful, misguided, delusional idiots who could be letting themselves in for one heck of surprise at some point in time.
jaxx said…
let's not forget the godawful right-wing hater michael savage, who was just sadly hired by MSNBC (aren't they the same people that keith olbermann works for, for chrissake?). he's the asshole pouring thousands and thousands of dollars into his one-man campaign to prevent free speech on the web.
The Peach Tart said…
I am saddened about the intolerance and hate coming from the right. I think God must be looking down, shaking his head, and wondering what went wrong.
Nancy Devine said…
and new gingrich criticized obama for declaring himself (obama) a citizen of the world.
the white-straight-right-wing male hegemony is threatened by even the possibility of change (i.e. loss of perceived power that comes from holding down anyone who is different)
i just thought of eric fromm's The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness. fromm says there are necrophiliacs and biophiliacs. evil comes from the necrophiliacs---those who are in love with (not sexually) what is dead, what can be controlled. the ultimate control to exert over someone or something is to kill him/her/it. biophiliacs love what is alive and know full well that what is alive cannot be controlled.
christine said…
You are so right about the crazies, Collin. It really is scary. Obama won, so now they feel cornered. I just can't understand how any rational person could align themselves with Limbaugh et al.
Lisa Allender said…
This IS scary. And you certainly called it some time ago, Collin.
I still say there are more good people than bad in the world, but folks like Rush, Newt, Michael Savage, etc. make it harder to "see" and "feel" the good folks.
I thought President Obama was/is safe, but I'm beginning to get scared, all over again.

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